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I would like to obtain a security management position based on my fifteen years of service in the US. I was a member of six security teams as well as being chief law enforcement officer onboard two warships. This sea going experience combined with my over ten years of security work in the private sector would help me to obtain a top level maritime security position.


Securitas 04/25/2006- present. Security supervisor for second shift at Pemco World Air Services in Dothan, Alabama. I am responsible for maintaining accurate updated records as well as ensure the prevention of weapons and drugs to this facility which serves as the back gate to the regional airport. In addition, I am responsible for providing a safe and secure working environment for all employees at Pemco. I have also worked in various other job sites for this company in Mobile, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. UNITED STATES NAVY 1980-1993. San Diego, Norfolk and Jacksonville. I was a first class petty officer responsible for the training and supervision of junior personnel under my command as well as maintaining accurate and updated maintenance records for my work center, division and department. I was a qualified member of numerous shipboard security and firefighting teams both inport and at sea.


I am a high school graduate with over 60 semester hours of collegiate studies in criminal justice.


I am ACT certified as a professional security officer .


I have basic computer skills and experience working with Microsoft Excel and Word Document. I have some linguistics skills in speaking Spanish and Russian. I have basic typing skills as well as proficency in verbal communications.


Hartford, AL,
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