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Security Executive ( Audits and Planning), Investigations Officer and Port Facility Security Officer

Vessel Operations

September 2011 - Till Present

Keppel FELS Singapore


Executive (Audit & Planning), Investigations Officer & Port Facility Security Officer

  • Coordinated in Keppel Yard’s Security auditing
  •  Coordinated in the Quarterly Competency Drill
  • Generating Security Broadcast Message across Keppel Offshore Business units.
  • Generating LOA for KeppelFels Business units
  • Coordinated to take DSE tour of duty
  • Coordinated in conducting Security In-Service Training
  • Coordinated in E-tender, RFQ- Tender and Witness Tendering at Commercial Dept.
  • Generating Ops Review for both cluster to GM (Security)
  • Administrator for Security Command Centre
  • Collation of Security Commanders manpower across KeppelFels Business Units.
  • Administrative duties in the Department.
  • Recording of statements pertaining to any cases occurred across Keppel Offshore Business units.
  • Conducting/ assisting investigations pertaining to any cases occurred across Keppel Offshore Business units.
  • Conducting/ assisting various BCP-Table top exercises and various Emergency preparedness exercise within the Company with various stakeholder.
  • Planner for the Department’s Workplan for each work year.
  • conducting an initial comprehensive security survey of the port facility taking into
  • Account the relevant Port Facility Security Assessment.
  • Ensuring the development and maintenance of the Port Facility Security Plan.
  • Implementing and exercising the Port Facility Security Plan.
  • Undertaking regular security inspections of the port facility to ensure the continuation of appropriate security measures.
  • Recommending and incorporating, as appropriate, modifications to the Port Facility
  • Security Plan in order to correct deficiencies and to update the plan to take into account of relevant changes to the port facility.
  • Enhancing security awareness and vigilance to the port facility personnel.
  • Ensuring adequate training has been provided to personnel responsible for the security of the port.
  • Reporting to the relevant authorities and maintaining records of occurrences that threaten the security of the port facility.
  • Coordinating implementation of the Port Facility Security Plan with the appropriat
  • Company and Ship Security Officers.
  • Coordinating with security services, as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that standards for personnel responsible for security of the port facility are met.
  • Ensuring that security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained.  

  • Microsoft Office skills 10 years by 2017
  • Investigations skills 5 years by 2017
  • Management skills 5 years by 2017
  • Planning 5 years by 2017
  • Diploma in Police and Security Studies
    Law at Temasek Polytechnic
    2014 - 2017
  • Port Facility Security Officer course May 2017
Clementi, Singapore,
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