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Security, Anti hi jacking etc.


Any opperational work. Can be military as a contract worker for anti hijack of ships etc. Security work


Employment History

Employer : SAP

Period : 1990/01/01 – 1992/05/31

Stationed at : Riot unit (Internal stability unit)

Booysens SAP Uniform Branch

Station Commissioner :Brigadier Kuhn

Contact number :Unknown

Ended due to :Purchasing Discharge

Employer :Jatex Textiles Pty. L.T.D.

Period :1992/06/01 – 1993/03/09

Duties :Shift foreman


Color kitchen

Contact person :A.C. Fourie

Contact number :0823726026

Ended due to :Started own business

Employer :Own gardening service

Period :1993/03/10 – 1995/08/04

Ended due to :Started working full time

Employer :Public Protection Services

Period :1995/08/05 – 1997/12/31

Duties :Training and handling of German Sheppard Dogs

Rapid Response

Pro-active policing

Contact Person :Mariaan

Contact number :(012) 376-2152

Ended due to :Employment at Pretoria

Employer :Pretoria Traffic/Tshwane Metro Police

Period :1998/01/01 till present

Duties :Shift Supervisor

Law Enforcement Act 29/1989 N Act 93/1996 NRTA

Crime Prevention

Pro-active policing

General Administration

Administrative officer

Contact person :Elsabe Burger

Contact number :012 358 7095/6


Educational History

High school attended :Gerrit Maritz High school

Highest grade passed :Grade 12

Year passed :1989

Subjects passed :Afrikaans (SG)

English (SG)

Maths (SG)

Science (SG)

Electrical (SG)

Technical Drawings (SG

South African Police College 1990

Internal Stability

Riot control

Training and handling of German Shephard Dogs 1995

Practical pistol shooting

Pretoria Traffic college 1998 (traffic diploma)

Criminal procedure Act

National road traffic act

Tshwane Metro POlice

Police subjects

Criminal procedure Act

National road traffic act

Basic investigation of crime



I am trained in the enforcement of the criminal procedure act as well as the National road traffic act.

Satelite tracking experience in the recovery of stolen vehicles

Training and handling of GSD's


I will except any opperational work even if it is not in my field. I am a hard worker and very reliable.

Pretoria, South Africa,
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