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Second Officer


Second Officer with 10 years of experience, skills and the ability to work independently or as a team seeking position with well-established organization. Awaiting Chief Officer’s license.



  • Proficient in: English, Hindi


  • Software: Microsoft Office, Internet Services

  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.


  • Thorough knowledge of relevant marine equipment, policies, procedures and strategies to carry on operations to ensure the protection of any data/people/property. 

  • Efficient knowledge of broadcasting, transmission, switching control and the operation of any sea based or land-based telecommunication systems.

  • Experience with the methods/procedures and principles of training crew for ship emergencies.

  • Qualified with necessary certifications in order to perform navigational duties, port cargo operations including cargo planning and inventory, overseeing coordination activities on deck, security equipment maintenance, appropriate usage of navigational equipment to plan navigational charts and routes.


  • Participated in conflict-solving actions

  • Active listener, decision maker, critical thinker, motivated self- starter, oriented and dedicated professional


Second Officer

18-01-2019 to present

  • Supervised of navigational operations, reports, equipment, supplies, maintenance and resources of the ship, independent navigational watch not less than 8 hours a day.

  • Assured operational readiness of all rig crews, underway replenishment gear.

  • Planned and prepared the designated voyage, passage plans in accordance with company policies and National &/or International regulations.

  • Upkeep of all navigational equipment including radars, gyro compass, steering gears and Navtex.

  • Maintained and performed the routine testing of radio equipment like Sat C/VHF DSC (Digital Selective Calling), MF/ HF DSC, designated radio operator onboard.

  • Upkeep of all navigational publications like charts, Admiralty publications.

  • Scheduled operational tasking and harbor movements.

  • Managed loading and discharging of cargo crude oil products.

Third Officer

Aug 2014 to Feb 2018

  • Managed the independent navigational watch (not less than 8 hours/day) safely while underway between ports.

  • Conducted and managed the distress communication on MF/HF DSC, VHF DSC, Sat C.

  • Conducted the inspections on all ship emergency equipment including firefighting, damage control, flooding, lifeboats and rafts in accordance with Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

  • Managed loading and discharging of cargo crude oil products.

Deck Cadet/5/E

Feb 2011 to Feb 2013

  • Assisted Deck officers as a part of understudy the ship’s Deck Officers in their duties



Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Bachelor of Science in Maritime Science


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