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Second Mate, Navigator, Operations Officer


Make the transition to a shoreside job to use my experience to better myself and Crowley


Military Sealift Command

Second Officer USNS Rainier (Navigator/Operations Officer) 03 April 2012 – Present

Third Officer USNS Rainier 24 May 2011 – 03 April 2012

Third Officer USNS Lewis and Clark 17 June 2010 – 23 April 2011

• Officer in charge of a navigational watch

• In command of the ship in the absence of senior officers

• Responsible for the safety and security of the ship and crew

• Conduct interdepartmental safety meetings, training, and familiarization for a crew of 180 personnel on essential operations for safety of life and health at sea

• Supervisor and safety observer for bridge watch, mooring, cargo, and repair teams to ensure a safe and efficient working atmosphere including time management and operational improvements where needed

• Establishment of company and department goals, strategies, and environmental procedures and ensuring all team members adhere to them.

• Manage multiple departments and team members to work together to fulfill operational objectives

• Marine Environmental Officer

• Operations Officer

• Planning and scheduling rendezvous positions and cargo transfers for logistical support to the United States Navy and Coalition Warships

• Assist in inventory and offload of munitions

• Safety Officer

• Maintain and update essential charts, electronics, life saving equipment, publications, and voyage planning for ships operations

• Maintain electronic and paper logs and records of all shipboard training, drills, and inspections

• Oversea loads and discharges of cargo

• Implement new policies and standard operating procedures

• In charge of planning and organizing activities for the moral and welfare of crew

• Work with and understanding of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Crowley Maritime

Second Mate (September 2008-January 2010)

• Responsible for a crew of 6 or more personnel

• Supervised in towing operations, ship escort, ship docking, and environmental pollution prevention

• Enforced and maintained environmental training programs and records

• Implemented and coordinated the company’s strict safety program to include records of near misses and accidents

• Coordinated arriving and departing ship schedules and crew changes with vessel traffic and main office

• Conducted line boat handling and safety training

Military Sealift Command

Able Seaman (Jan 2008-September 2008)

Maintained and repaired Ships deck equipment

Performed Cargo operations and Underway replenishment operations with Naval ships

Bridge watch standing lookout, helmsman, gangway watch, and armed security patrol


State University of New York Maritime College September 2007

6 Pennyfield Avenue, Throggs Neck, NY 10465


• Second Mate Unlimited tonnage

• Operations Officer

• Tankerman PIC

• Vessel, Company and port facility Security Officer

• Shipboard security tactics

• Advanced security watch standing

• Level 1 anti-terrorism

• Trafficking in person

• Marine environmental officer

• AEPC (Afloat Environmental Protection Coordinator)

• Navy occupational safety and health

• Chemical, Biological, and Radiation defense Officer

• Explosive cargo handling and stowage

• Explosive material handling equipment operator

• Small arms qualified

• Radar Observer

• Automatic Radar Plotting Aids

• Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems

• Advanced Marine firefighting

• Shipboard damage control

• Fast rescue boat operator

• Helicopter Control Officer

• Landing Signalman



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