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Second Mate( British,Bahamas,Dutch,Polish Equivalent Cert.of Competency )with First Mate Certificate


Recently working on Tankers, looking for employment with chances for promotion, would like to change the department to ships with DP systems.


2001-2004: Intendent & Storekeeper ( Passenger Ferry ) In charge of entire Hotel Department. Employer: "Zegluga Pomorska Sp.Zoo"Szczecin Poland. 2005-2008: A/B on Coastal Tankers, Employer : "RiX Shipping Ltd" Rix Terminal No 1 Shed Alexandra Dock Hull HU91TA United Kingdom.

09/02/2008-18/05/2008: 3 Mate on board M/T Visten 3987 GRT, Employer: "Achlmarco"Holland.

31/05/2008-29/06/2008: 3 Mate M/T Visten.

28/08/2008-17/10/2008: 2 Mate M/T Forth Fisher 3368 GRT, Employer: "James Fisher& Everard Lt" Fisher House P.O Box 4 Barrow-in-Furnes Cumbria LA 18 HR United Kingdom.

14/11/2008-06/01/2009: 2 Mate M/T Galway Fisher 3368 GRT, Employer:"James Fisher& Everard Lt"

19/02/2009-17/04/2009: 2 Mate M/T Forth Fisher

28/05/2009-04/06/2009: 2 Mate M/T Speciality 3859 GRT,Employer: "James Fisher& Everard Lt"

04/06/2009-22/07/2009: 2 Mate M/T Speciality

14/09/2009-01/12/2009: 2 Mate M/T Sarnia Cherie 3034 GRT,Employer: "James Fisher& Everard Lt"

24/01/2010-25/03/2010: 2 Mate M/T Galway Fisher

25/04/2010-08/06/2010: 2 Mate M/T Pembroke Fisher 9356 GRT,Employer: "James Fisher& Everard Lt"

23/07/2010-18/09/2010: 2 Mate M/T Steersman 4847 GRT,Employer: "James Fisher& Everard Lt"


General high school 5 years

OOW Course, Navy Academy - Gdynia Poland.

Chief officer Course, Maritime Academy Szczecin Poland.


1)Second Mate( British,Bahamas,Dutch,Polish Equivalent Cert.of Competency )

2)First Mate Certificate ( Unlimited )


4)Basic Safety Course

5)Medical Care

6)Medical Emergency-First Aid

7)Advanced Training in Fire Fighting

8)Proficiency in Surival Craft and Rescue Boat

9)Ship Security Officer

10)Crowd Control

11)ARPA Management Level


13)Advanced Training in Chemical Tankers Operations

14)Certificate of Proficiency in survival Craft and Rescue Boats

15)Advanced Training in Oil Tankers Operations

16)Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET-accepted by NSOC-D&NOGEPA)

17)Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Response Training (0,5A -accepted by NSOC-D&OPITO)

18)OLF supplement -(accepted by OLF,NSOC-D)

19)Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, including Emergency Breathing System ( OPITO approved )

20) Dynamic Positionong Induction " Italian Maritime Academy Technologies " 2009.

21)Care of passengers in enclosed spaces.

22)Seafarer Medical Certificate (ENG 1 - MCA approved ) till 20/05/2012.


1)Proper care and Cargo Handling.

2)Cargo Securing

3)Computer Knowledge

4)Open Water Diver

5)Truck Driver's Licencce

6)Good team worker and team leader


highly motivated (paying for all courses on my own), ready to join a professional crew anywhere in the world.

Nowe Warpno,
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