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Second Engineer Unlimited/1st. Assistant


*I would like to work.


m/v”Kolomenskoe”/1984/Russian Federation/Fishing Trawler/ 2x“SKL” 8VD26/20-2U/ 2000 HP/Watch Eng/19-10-2005/ 21-01-2006/“Sea Star”

m/v “Flipper-1”/1986/Union of Comoras/Fishing Trawler/ 2x“MaK” 6M20/ 2800 HP/ 3rd Eng./12-04-2006/04-10-2006/ “Silver Seas Resort”

m/v”ARA Zeebrugge”/1991/Cyprus/Container/“MaK”9M453C/ 4488 HP/Watch Eng./10-01-2007/ 05-05-2007/“ARA Group”

m/v”ARA Felixstowe”/1992/Gibraltar/Container/“MaK” 9M453C 4488 HP/Watch Eng./07-07-2007/17-11-2007/“ARA Group”.

m/v”ARA Atlantis”/2007/Gibraltar/Container/“MaK”9M43C/ 11424 HP/3rd Eng./06-05-2008/27-08-2008/“ARA Group” .

m/v“UAL Capetown”/2009/ British/Multi-Purpose /“MaK”6M43C/ 7344 HP/2nd Eng./06-11-2009/04-07-2010/“Carisbrooke Shipping BV”.

m/v”Industrial Eagle”/2008/Antigua and Barbuda/Heavy Lift/ “Caterpillar”6M43C/8160 HP/2nd Eng./30-09-2010/01-02-2011/ “JungerHans Maritime Services Gmbh & Co. KG”.

m/v “Taurus J”/2002/Antigua and Barbuda/Container/”MAN-B&W”7S50MC-C/15640HP/2nd Eng./17-03-2011//“JungerHans Maritime Services Gmbh & Co. KG”.


Kaliningrad Maritime College/2005.

Now I'm a second year cadet of the Baltic State Academy.


National Certificate of competence

Grade/Capacity: Second class Eng. Cat.A(Unlimited). Nomber: 1041304681. *Issued: 05-08-2009/ Kaliningrad. Valid till: 11-02-2016.


Welding but without certificates.


Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad region,
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