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Sea Going Medical Doctor


Any suitable medical/Clinical cum administrative-On/Off-Shore

Total Years of Experience: 16.50 years


I am a medical graduate from University of Mysore (1989),since then I have worked in various hospitals including as Resident in Neurosurgery in Nimhans ,Bangalore.

I have military experience and training both clinical and administrative with ashore and afloat experience for more than 8 years.

During Military tenure I was a part of medical team in UNOSOM II ie united nations operations in Somalia.

Further I have worked as a GeneralClinical doctor in Bruneidarussalam for 3 months as a locum appointment.

I have a corporate experience in that i have been a preflight and Clinic doctor and consultant for IALie., Indian Airlines Ltd in Chennai.



Ÿ MBBS (Medicine) from JJMMC(Mysore University),Davangere. in 1988.

Ÿ PG Diploma (Naval/Military Training) from National Institute of Mental Health and neurosciences,Bangalore in 1989.


Ÿ Naval medicine,Medical doctor's Military Courses..

Ÿ Naval Orientation Courses.

Ÿ Occupational Health in Naval/Offshore/Onshore/Civil/Military settings.


Dec2005 to Present-Medic-FPU-TAHARA-off-shore Pondicherry-(Off-shore-Semi-submersible Floating Production Unit-Aban Off-shore Limited.

Job-Profile-1)Treating day to day illnesses on board -24 Hours whenever personnel report sick on board.Depending upon the merit of the case referring the same to higher medical centre-Medevac.

2)Indenting and procuring Medicines and other essential Medical equipments from ashore for patient's needs and upgradation of Hospital.In addition auditing of the same with FRR/MRRs-reciept and expense vouchers respectively.

3)Forwarding Monthly Sickness Report to the Base Office as a part of Monitoring Strategy .

4)Conducting weekly Sanitation and Hygeine Audit and ensuring corrective action on priority.

5)Vaccinating personnel agaist Tetanus/Typhoid/Hepatitis-B and maintaining relevant records.

6)Conducting weekly Personal Hygeine Inspection of Catering Personnel and training them about basic First Aid /Water-Food borne diseases.

7)Periodic Preventive Maintainance Schedule of various Hospital equipments and First Aid Boxes in liaison with different departments and reporting defects to higher ups to ensure corrective action at the earliest.

8)Relieving Radio-Officer during crucial necessities such as Breakfast ,Lunch,Dinner etc and manning Radio Room .

9)Conducting Helicopter briefing and issuing Boarding Passes to Outgoing Crew and conducting Ship briefing and issuing T-Cards and alloting accomodation to In-Coming Crew.

10)Preparing Muster List of Personnel on board and ensuring its placement at crucial locations.

11)Attending daily HOD's meeting and discussing various medical matters-an intellectual interaction for next day's schedule preparation.

12)Preparing Computerised Safety Meeting Attendance and getting all personnel sign the same before weekly safety meeting.

13)Actively participating in all the Games and Activities of various Celebrations on board thereby giving morale boosting to all personnel on board.

14)Loneliness of Riggers being the main factor for various maladies such as Drug addiction and Alcoholism,periodic individual and group counselling being given to prevent the same.


October 2004 - Nov 2005 at SRM Medical College and Deemed University-Chennai

Job Profile: Attending to all types of Emergency patients in Casualty/OPD/Wards.Consultation to Men/Women and Children for day to day illnesses and RTAs(Road Traffic Accidents),Medico Legal Cases such as Poisonings/Burns/Falls/Drowning/Industrial Accidents. Individual Case Admissions/Summaries/Investgations/Treatments /Discharges all duties undertaken. Pre-operative arrangements,Post operative Care in recovery ward and including discharges carried out.

Achievements: An over all increase of Out-Patient attendance/In-patient admissions and marginal increase in collections achieved.

April 2002 - April 2004 at Caterpillar India Private Limited,Tiruvelore,Chennai

Job Profile: 1)Attending to day to day illnesses of employees/dependents /Staff/management and executives.2)Conducting periodical Health check up and screening of food handlers /sensitive areas such as battery shop,Radiographers and paint shop workers.3)Giving awareness individual and group councelling sessions for Physically and psychologically affected individuals.4)Giving Healthy food menu as per calorific requirement of Workmen/Staff/Management and executives.5)Improving the quality of medical inventory including day to day medicines.6)Conducting monthly Sanitory inspections.7)recomending personnel for Ex-gratia/cum monthly pension as per percentage of disability for early retirement in cases of Physical/Psychological disability (alcoholism)/sickness absenteeism.8)Passing after carefully examining Medical reimbursement /mediclaim Bills .

Achievements: Details as mentioned above as per Six-Sigma norms of Cost reduction and quality -control.

May 2001 - August 2001 at El-Shifa Clinic,Bruneidarussalam

Job Profile: Treating all general medical,surgical,pediatric and geriatric cases including pre-employment medical examinations for affiliated industries such as Brutek,Casa italiana and food processing and poultry industries in Brunei. . I have served for more than 100 days without a sunday/holiday from 00800 am upto 12 Midnight with family separation and also attending as a call duty doctor after 12 midnight, in Brunei private setup.

Achievements: Whereas before I took up the Charge the collection was 19000/-Bn$ per month maximum ,I achieved a maximum collection of 30000/-Bn$ per month. One Bn$=1 S$(Singapore$)

September 2000 - April 2001 at Indian Airlines Limited,Chennai

Job Profile: Preflight medical examination of Cockpit crew(Pilots /Flight engineers) Cabin crew(Air hostesses/Air pursers) and also assessing thier fitness for undertaking flying operations. Treating patients,employees and their dependents for day to day illnesses.

Achievements: Ahieved maximum no of detections of unfit cases due to cardiac /hypertension ,alcohol consumptions in pilots/sometimes non-alcohol addictions due to consumption of caugh syrup(Benadryl group etc.,) ,reported the same to higher ups.

June 1992 - August 2000 at Indian Navy,Ministry of Defence

Job Profile: Underwent training in AMC centre and School,Lucknow, Institute of Naval Medicine,Mumbai and also Naval orientation at INS Mondovi,Goa. Served on board INS Subhadra,in Mumbai for almost three years . Served in various bases also such as Dwarka-Gujarat,INHS Aswini-Mumbai,INS Rajali-Arakkonam,INS Adyar-CGAS Chennai.The last two being Airbases of Navy.

Achievements: Military Medical upgradation projects. Many projects related with Naval Aviation/Marine medicine/Others not to be disclosed for security reasons..

Chennai, India,
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