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Vessel Operations

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing and forwarding my resume in anticipation that you may be interested in a forward thinking, goal-oriented, representative with more than 10 years of progressive experience. I have experience in customer service. I have a proven track record of quality customer service, with the ability to multi-task. My professional success is supported by my past employment history. Significantly, my employment and start of my higher education journey, has equipped me with advanced knowledge and understanding of both effective communication and technology, which is necessary for your businesses’ bottom-lineand has increased my ability to work with people.

Throughout my career, I have worked with a number of organizations that specialize in customer service and call center positions; where I utilized my cross-functional background, hands on experience, leadership skills and vision to deliver superior results. As my resume demonstrates, I have:

  • Assisted with managing a small team and trained for goals and company expectations.  
    • Taking accountability for other employees while providing can do better ways.
      • Create monthly events to keep business morale for department 
      • Inbound and outbound calls for clients and staff to provide daily procedures and account details.

If you are seeking an employee who will make an immediate and positive impact upon your company, I would like to explore the opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you to see how I can bring a positive difference to the team.


  • microsoft suite 13 years by 2007
  • Fraud Specialist I at Bank of America
    2017 August - Jul 2018
    • Protect clients account with security tokens and judgmental decisions. While educating clients on how to protect the credit card and identity.
    • Disable credit card accounts when the account has been impacted by suspected fraudulent activity.
    • Outbound calls made to follow up with clients or to verify identity.
    • Extend compromised credit card union emergency circumstances.
    • Navigate through account efficiently while providing exceptional customer service and empathy to release any restrictions off credit card
    • Judgment is used on suspicious calls in order to perform maintenance.
    • Research and provide additional information to client regarding transaction
    • Contact to provided authorization on large or possible fraudulent transaction.
    • Make judgment to allow funds on credit card account to become available before payment has been approved.
    • Access to sensitive information, (social security, DOB, public records, and FCO)
    • Assist trainer with new hires
  • Claims Initiation Analyst II at Bank of America
    2015 October - Oct 2017
    • Make connection with customer about transaction that is not recognized before filing a claim.
    • Provide tips on how to keep documentation when making a purchase and keep a paper trail. Included informative information what listen for during scam situation
    • Interview customer to obtain important information to initiate billing claim.
    • Change account number is transaction is linked to possible fraud.
    • Judgment call made to merchant if resolution can be effective with a call and resolve issue.
    • Proficient in meeting baking and credit guidelines.
    • Review received documents in a PDF file for claim. Make sure documentation requirements are received.
  • Customer Service Specialist I at bank of America
    2015 January - Oct 2015
    • Resolve moderately complex or escalated issue with clients by receiving calls or by email.
    • Knowledge of multiple credit card products including the function of the program.
    • Perform routine account related issues. Which includes directing customer to the appropriate line of business, review account for any systematic errors dealing with interest.
    • Work with colleagues and exchanging new found information that can help problem solve with future related issues.
    • Account maintenance performed with forgiving late fees and interest depending on extensive reason.
    • Educate customer on payment allocation and any available offers to customer
  • Registration and Scheduling at Prometric
    2013 January - Dec 2014
    • Access to multiple state certified nursing assisted registry. The ability to make changes for incorrect history and resubmit correct certification.
    • Handle physical checks and process payments via phone.
    • Using strategic to handle unique situation following protocol.
    • Process certification according to each state’s guidelines.
    • Work with site proctors for rescheduling and special accommodation
    • Provide candidates with helpful options and other resources in upsetting situations.
    • Schedule candidates for test, and reach out to location for last minute scheduling.
    • Speak with supervisors at previous nursing facilities regarding renewal and sometimes human resource department.
    • Provide candidates with information regarding renewal options an documentation needed.
  • Branding Assistant at stars 2 be
    2011 January - Oct 2012
    • Meet with parents and interview potential students
    • Manage social media page
    • Schedule parent meeting according to highest priority
    • Promote events via social media and visiting local small business.
    • Point of contact for new interns and creating new projects
    • Managed Youtube show “Special Edition”.
    • In charge of facilitating meetings to go over scripting, in person or through google application
    • Assist with charity events
    • Perform administrative duties retaining previous students and filing
    • Assisted with email invitations sending out PR packages regarding judge panel for students in getting a permit contract with a company.
    • Assisted with scouting for auctions.
    • Interviewed guest judges (Dana from LA talent model agency, Manger Carla: clients Hemani from every hates Cris)
    • Organized itinerary for student’s portfolio of headshots.
  • Present BA Digital Communication
    Digital Communication at University of Baltimore
    2017 - 2018
  • NA Jul 2018
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