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Sailor, Deckhand, A.B Seaman depending on my experience and qualifications


I would like to promote the business on behalf of it's owners.


3 years experience as a sailor

2 years experince as a cook

2 years experince as a A.B Seaman

3 and 1/2 years experiance as a Deck hand


High School education and some courses pertaining to Marine Technology


S.T.C.W 95

Engine Room Certificate

Deck Rating Certificate

Seaman's Discharge Book



I am hereby applying for a job within your Company that coincides with my qualifications and job experience. I consider myself to be a hard working individual who always strives for efficiency and productivity therefore I find myself suitable for any position. Should I be considered for an available position you can be sure of my willingness to learn and perform my duties efficiently and competently. I am willing to provide you with any additional information you may require and I am also availabe for immediate employment should I be considered. I await your favourable response. Sincerely yours, Mr. L.A Spencer

St. John's,
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