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Safety Engineer


Develop a strong safety and health program


BP America, Inc. - Houston, Texas 2012 - 2013

Safety Specialist, BP Biofuels

Developing the next generation cellulosic biofuel technologies and licensing them for commercial use globally. BP’s biofuels activities include the development of proprietary biomass-to-ethanol conversion technology, a leading edge research and development (R&D) capability and a biofuels demonstration facility necessary to advance the company’s cellulosic biofuels strategy.

• Identified and ensured alignment of HSSE plan with local and federal applicable legal requirements

• Led structured Safety Program updates for the Define Stage of the Biofuels Highlands Major Project

• Built and conducted the Driver Safety training program within Biofuels, training 33% of Biofuels personnel and executing 80% of training classes

• Instituted a detailed Emergency Response Program in accordance with Major Project Common Practice (MPCP)

• Represented Project Team for define stage PHSSER to provide assurance that HSSE programs were in compliance with Group Defined Practices

• Performed Cherry Point Commissioning PHSSER

CB Richard Ellis /IIS Network - Houston, Texas 2011 - 2012

Safety Advisor, BP Westlake Campus

Provided safety management services to include inspections, engineering, training, mishap investigation, mishap mitigation and Hazard identification and analysis, and facility operations to include, reconfiguration to project construction (small-mid size projects <$1 million),

• Delivered a streamlined inspection criteria for MAC projects which improved utilization from 50% to 92%

• Established site inspection criteria that ensured on average 90% of all MAC projects were inspected. Projects occurrence varied from 30-50 events per month.

• Improved tracking capabilities from 50% to 92%

J and G Consultants - Houston, Texas 2002 – 2011

Independent Safety Management Company

Safety Consultant organization specializing in program development, implementation of comprehensive Risk Management, Safety and Environmental Management programs, policies and protocols. Developed and implemented site inspections, program audits, medical surveillance,sub-contractor management assessments, mishap investigator, ergonomics engineering, OSHA consultant and subject matter expert assigned to client OSHA cases

Nan Inc. - Honolulu, Hawaii 2009 - 2010

General contractor specializing in Design/Build Mil Con Projects with a ceiling of $60 million

• Provided a written safety program expanding business potential by 50% raising the ceiling to $120 million

• Managed the on-time completion of a $27 million design built construction project with “ZERO” Lost Work Time

• Introduced workers compensation claims reviews showing a cost savings of $187,000.

• Structured internal safety training programs with savings of $122,000 annually

• Instituted 100% case performance of root causal analysis to trend mishaps and near miss events

• Reduced “Lost Work Time” events from 127 workdays to 8 lost workdays

Beachside Roofing LLC. - Honolulu, Hawaii 2008 - 2009

Largest roofing, waterproofing and sealing company in Hawaii, doing business on all 5 major islands with annual revenue of over $25 million.

• Enriched insurance placement process cultivating in a 15% savings the first year and a 28% savings the second year

• Implemented strategy to drastically reduce mishap and lost time events saving over $1.25 million in workers compensation cost Developed continuous improvement protocols that resulted in corporate savings of $82,000 in first year.

• Achieved significant reductions in lost work time from 892 to 25 to 8 lost work days over a two year period

• Mitigated potential claim of $1.2 million to $275,000

• Cut annual outsourced training from $123,000 to $42,000 annual internal cost

• Developed and executed an inspection protocol, generating a 98% reduction in work related mishaps

• Abated environmental fines from $2.5 million to $0.00

• Reduced company overhead of material by $2.75 million per year

Marsh Insurance - Honolulu, Hawaii 2007 - 2008

Leading insurance provider in Hawaii with over 80% market share of all major on island construction projects.

• Mitigated OSHA, HIOSH and EPA cases with a net savings of over $1.7 million due to fines and potential loss of business

• Oversaw client base, valued at over $40 million

• Administered 75% of major construction projects

• Increased client book of business by 25% during tenure through renewals and new business

Milestone Insurance - Irvine, California 2006 – 2007

Boutique insurance brokerage firm servicing California and Arizona

• Managed client portfolio of over 75 clients

• Transformed client safety programs to include inspection, audit and training, and client evaluation, with an overall client safety cost reduction of nearly $600,000

• Increased company’s book of business from $1.9 million to $2.79 million in one year

• Championed the client continuous improvement measures that created a decrease of mishaps of over 52%

• Instituted 100% mishap investigation protocol reducing false claims by 100% to “ZERO” within one year

Client: Department of the Army - (Ft. Huachuca) 2005 – 2006

U.S. Army Training Installation with a training mission encompassing 20,000 military members. Fort Huachuca, home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)/9th Army Signal Command

• Managed the Safety Directorate with responsibility for 25,000 military and civilian command members

• Designed management protocols that showed a 127% increase in inspections, a 200% decrease in lost work time and a net savings of over $3 million in workers compensation expenditures


Columbia Southern University

M.S. Occupational Safety and Health/Environmental Management,

B.S. Occupational Safety and Health

Community College of the Air Force

A.A. S. - Safety Management and Electrical Engineering


Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) (C1751)

Certified Industrial Hygienist Management (16720) (CIHM)

Certified Safety and Health Professional (CHSP Hawaii)

EM385-1-1 Construction Safety Hazard Awareness Training for Contractors Course

Professional Safety Source (1824) – TWC Consultant for the State of Texas

Certified Hazard Control Manager - Master Level (CHCM)

Certified Smith Driver Safety Trainer

Certified Incident Command Systems


safety management


Houston, TX,
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