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I want to learn as much as possible from a company such as yours from being a Roustabout/Leasehand to becoming a Rig Manager or Consultant and leading your company to better heights and better production in the shortest periods possible. My skills will enable me to get to the top - notably a team-player, task-orientated, disciplined, reliable, dependable, Safety/Health and Quality orientated, loyal and determined


HSE Recruitment - Pride International, Cleaner,

12 February 2008 – 26 February 2008

Job description-Clean up on rig, Offloading and back loading supplies, Movement and relocation of supplies and equipment on the rig, Simple maintenance, installation and repairs on rig, Assisting the Roustabout crew,

Edina Rempress(PTY)LTD, QC & HSE Manager, 08 October 2007 – February 2008, Job description- Implementing and managing of a QC system, Writing of processes and procedures, Conduct weekly meetings on issues regarding QA/QC, Do quality checks, Attend production meetings, Investigation on non conformed jobs, Writing reports on non conformed job and issue preventative action, Managing of the HSE system,

Documentation control, HSE inspections and writing of report

Khula IT Solutions, Director, Aug 2006 – August 2007

Job Description-Managing of Company and staff members +-15, Dealing with Government contracts, Purchasing &Selling of various computer, peripherals and repair services, Customer Service focused process and procedures, Quality Control Management, Marketing & Advertising, Inventory / Stock control, Cost Analysis, Interviewing and employing staff, Debt Collections, Seeing customers daily for contracts, Setting up and leading of meetings

South African Air force, Amn - Warrant Officer Class II - ASCO, Oerations Assistant, Junior Manager (IT Manager, er, Assistant Quality Control and OHS, Technical Inspector

Chairman of Base IT committee, Managing of Local Area Network, Delegating of work load to staff members, Managing of Base Server (Win 2003 server), Responsible for Base IT budget, Implementing of IT procurement procedures, flowcharts & Managing of all IT procurement from various Squadrons, Authorisation for buying of IT equipment according to budget & procedures set out in the SITA contract, Customer service surveys & analysis, Problem solving where problem areas arises, Team building exercises, Assist in Occupational Health and Safety audits, Assist in Quality Control audits, Verifying of aircraft spares, equipment, vehicle & aircraft spares are correctly pack & that they are according to manufacture & South African Air force specifications, Increasing base productivity by introducing more & up to date pc’s & technology their by reducing work load by 70%, a new server that uplifted LAN speed and storage space by 85%

South African Air force, Flight Sergeant - Air Picture Supervisor, Supervised 12 members, Manage sections budget, Managed the Unit’s NCO regimental duties, Build Air picture for the Mission and Air Traffic controllers, Co-Ordinate & plan shifts, leave schedules, training, courses & deployments, 2nd in charge of the Air picture cell, Work in close relationship with technical personnel, Member of SA Excellence Forum committee, Analyse, rectify and introduce problem solved processes and procedures towards - productivity, communications, customers, moral building, leadership, policies & strategies, resources, Assist Training Officer in inpost training and conversion courses for new members, OHS representative for section of the unit – seeing to safety and health of members in the work environment, Command post assistant & Voluntary Air Squadron Manager,


OpTech 1 – Training techniques, Occupational Health & Safety

Junior Supervisors, Senior Supervisors, Full Range Leadership Develop Program, Configuration Management, SA Excellence Foundation – Management Model, ISO 9000: 2000 series – Quality Management (SAATCA Accreditation)-Auditor

Models for Leadership, AR3D Rodent Radar system, Ground Command & Control systems, Military Air Operations Team Commander, Air Space Control Instructor, Win 2000, XP, Vista Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, SAMSA Seagoing Course (S.T.C.W ’95), Sea survival

Class A Medical, High School Zwartkops, Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Art


Configuration Management, ISO 9000: 2000 series – Quality Management (SAATCA Accreditation)-Auditor, SAMSA Seagoing Course (S.T.C.W ’95)


My main skills are that I am hardworking, reliable, disciplined and very keen for progress. I feel that my interpersonal relationships, managerial, work performance, problem solving ability and good communication, Safety / Health and Quality skills, would be an asset in this role. I am very adaptable to changing projects and work schedules and have a proven ability to quickly train on different facilities


Cape Town, Western Cape,
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