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I would like to work any offshore job that would allow me to grow with the company and provide the schooling I need to better myself and by doing so be an asset to the company. I'm willing to start at the bottom and work my way up to positions such as OIM, Senior Tool pusher, Captain or any supervising or management position.


Three years(November 2007) ago I started off as a semi skill in Capetown harbor South Africa. I assisted with cutting and grinding of structures and the odd welding job. From there I got asked to join a team that did pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure testing on storage tank aboard a production vessel named Orca currently owned by PertoSA, the company for whom I was sub-sub contracting for. From there the rig manager requested for me to join the rig crew as a roustabout(April 2008) and there I learned how to do rigging and slinging and to install and dissemble pumps as well as assist the rig welder with odd jobs. At round June 2009 my request to be transferred to a drilling rig was answered and I transferred to the PSS(Pride South Seas)where I continued as a roustabout. While aboard the PSS I had rare opportunities to help out on the drill floor as well as the derrick. November 2009 the PSS was taken to Saldana to be cold staked and I got transferred to the PSP(Pride South Pacific)to work as a roughneck and assist with the refurbishment of the rig including re-installing the top drive and installing APV bottles for sub sea.


High school diploma


Pride safety leadership

In house training: hand protection, back safety, lifting & rigging, step back 5x5, PPE, blood pathogens, hoisting equipment, rotating equipment, pipe handling equipment, casing and cementing, mud logging drill stem testing, power systems instrumentation, confined space entry, permit to work, safety training observation program, job safety analysis, quality safety management system.

4G welding certificate

Offshore survival


Rigging and slinging,crane guiding , ark welding, cutting(fire axe), grinding, fire prevention analysis, basic first aid, tugger( air hoist) opperater, forklift driver


I learn quick, think quick, improvise and move quick. Use to hard work and long hours and work well under stress and stressful environments. Humble in service, but demanding yet fare in a supervisor position. I welcome challenges.

Capetown, Western cape,
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