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Radio Operator




Years of Work Experience: 3years

Country: South Africa

Company: Epagheni Millennium Services

Current Position: Assisted Maintenance Operator

Duration: 1year


? Seven day routine maintenance planning schedule per craft. Cross check and validate corrective work orders and preventive and predictive maintenance planning.

? Piping Construction and installation, low pipe such as trunk line or test line under and above the ground, PID controller and data logger.

? Assisted in monitoring contractor Safety Behavior inside plants.

? Mitigate Production Safety Processes

? Involved in general mechanical shop working

? Using inspection sheet, and checklist to check and verify the status situation for any device or system.

Company Sagitario in Cape Town

Duration Currently

Areas Maritime Travel

Job Responsibilities & Duties:

• Radio Communication

Operated and performed preventive maintenance checks and services with unit level maintenance on assigned amplitude modulation radios, Enhanced Position Locating and Reporting

• Help desk assistance.

• Assist Chief Mechanic.

Assisted in oil and hydraulic change out. Semi-annual filter changeout and general engine and oil cleaning.

• Stock and Inventory control.


B Sc in Geography with Major in Environmental Science, Siesmology, Sample Data Analyses_University of Buea Cameroon.

? Marine Engineering with major in Process Operation, Chemical Analyses, Shipping Operation, Safety_Ghana

? Instrumentation with major in Basic instrumentation, controls, valves and programming logic control_Gersmiston South Africa


-Fire fighting at Loendale South Africa.

- HSSE Training at Loendale South Africa.


Transmitter calibration Rosemount products

? Oil Wellhead intelligent Control System.

? Gas lift system

? ESD, Fusible plugs and Gas detector such as H2S, CO sensors.

? Engineering Software and Algorithm Technique

? Surface Data Acquisition System

? Cameron Gate Valves.

? Motor Valves

? Wind generators

? Solar Panels

? Motorola 2 way voice communication networks.

? Corrosion EC

? Basic networks troubleshooting

? Computer Hard ware

? Computer Software


I am able to fit into a team, develop effective and supportive relationship with colleagues by showing and creating a sense of team spirit. I am able to develop and foster outstanding relationships with people both within and outside of the company. Actively identify activities within the Department/ Division that are not aligned with wider Business Unit goals/strategy. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the organizational vision and long-term goals.

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