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Radio Officer


To exercise my accumulative experience and abilities to the fullest extent. I have diversified experience having successfully held a position as radio officer.


Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport

Radio Officer, 2003 to 2012

Atwood Oceanic Inc Radio Operator, 2001 to 2003

Kuwait Oil Tanker Co.

Radio Officer, 1989 to 2000

Mobil Oil Libya Ltd Radio/Telex Operator 1983 to 1989

Crude/Product/LPG Tanker Ship

1.Turn controls or throw switches in order to activate power, adjust voice volume and modulation, and set transmitters on specified frequencies.

2.Broadcast weather reports and warnings.

3.Conduct periodic equipment inspections and routine tests in order to ensure that operations standards are met.

4.Coordinate radio-related aspects of locating and contacting airplanes and ships that are missing or in distress.

5.Examine and operate new equipment prior to installation in order to ensure that it performs properly.

6.Operate sound-recording equipment in order to record signals and preserve broadcasts for purposes such as analysis by intelligence personnel.

7.Repair radio equipment as necessary, using electronic testing equipment, hand tools, and power tools.

8.Review applicable regulations regarding radio communications, and report violations.

9.Send, receive, and interpret coded messages.

10.Set up antennas and mobile communication units during military field exercises.

11.Communicate with receiving operators in order to exchange transmission instructions.

12.Determine and obtain bearings of sources from which signals originate, using direction-finding procedures and equipment.

13.Maintain station logs of messages transmitted and received for activities such as flight testing and fire locations.

14.Monitor emergency frequencies in order to detect distress calls and respond by dispatching emergency equipment.

15. Conduct GMDSS equipments emergency trainings to officers & crew.

Radio Operator Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit/Semi-submersible

? Preparation of the manifests for both passengers and freight,

and ensuring that baggage and freight are accurately weighed,

labeled and noted on the manifests.

? Provision of a pre-flight safety briefing to all departing passengers.

? Liaising with the barge master regarding prevailing and forecast

Weather local conditions, so that a timely decision can be made

on whether to commence helicopter operations

? Advising the helicopter operator of current weather conditions at least

an hour before the scheduled departure time of any flight.

? Maintaining radio contact with the helicopter pilot prior arrival.

? Maintaining a helicopter operations log, recording regular (usually 20

Minute) helicopter position reports when the helicopter is inbound or

Outbound, and raising the alarm if any anticipated reports are not


. Ensuring that all mobile phones and communication equipments

properly switch-off during the “Silence Period” time, and the helicopter operator, rig superintendent are notified.

Radio Operator Mobil Oil Libya Ltd

? Operate High Frequency Single Side band (HF-SSB) radio equipment to communicate directly with aircraft in flight or , offshore oil rigs, rescue and emergency workers, and other remote operations.

? Broadcast weather reports and alerts.

? Maintain station logs of messages transmitted and received for activities such as flight testing and fire locations.

? Conduct periodic radio equipment inspections and perform routine tests to ensure unhampered operations when needed.

? Operate audio-recording equipment to record signals and preserve broadcasts to assist in future analysis by intelligence personnel.

? Maintain radio equipment for minor repairs and adjustment requirements.



Radio Operator, 1979

Relevant Courses:

?Radio Communication Operator

MS Office for Professional Staff

Basic Electronic Repair Practice

Professional Office Procedures

Professional Development:



1st Class Radio Telegraph Operator

General Operator Certificate

Radio Electronic Certificate


Basic Electricity/Electronic repair


All maritime training certifcates are valid.

Batangas, Philippines,
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