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Radio Officer


I would like to work on the ship as Radio Officer. Either on Cargo, Oil Tanker or Cruise Liner.


1971 - 1978 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Radio Officer

1979 - 1980 Enomena Shipping Pireaus (Greece) Radio Officer

1981 Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. Radio Officer

1982-1983 Panama register vessel "Sugar Trader" Radio Officer

1984-1995 Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines Radio Officer

1996 - 1998 "Muzaffar Aziz" Cargo vessel Radio Officer

on some of these vessels I also worked as Radio Officer and purser. In such positions my job also included Ships Paper work, calculating and disbursement of crew's wages and managing catering dept.


High school graduation

2 years of study to achive Radio Officers II class certificate.


Radio Officer's II class Certificate

Proficiency in Survival craft

Survival at Sea

Approved Fire Fighting

Elementry First Aid

Personal Safety


Computer Applications.


Operation and Maintenance of Radio equipment.

Computer Applications. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Express etc.


I am a Pakistani National but currently living in UAE

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