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Radio Officer / Ship Administration Officer


To provide radio communication support during emergency and routine situations throughout the period.




Designation: Radio Officer, Communications Consultant.

Period: Since May 2001 to till date.

Locations: Barmer, Rajasthan Hazira, Gujarat (Off shore / On shore)/ Visakhapatnam, Pipavav Shore Base Radio Stations.

Company Profile: Petroleum Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company Engaged in large scale operations all over India, namely at East Coast, West Coast, Northern India, Bangladesh to name a few locations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintain and ensure secrecy and confidentiality of all radio and other correspondences.

Handle and Operate Communication Equipment in accordance to ITU guidelines.

Record update and maintain radio log of all vital communications of Helicopter, Marine logistic requirements,

Operations, personnel movement to and from offshore.

Experience in installation of Communication equipments like-ICOM VHF Marine radio, Barret HF

Transceiver, ICOM Aero VHF, VHF repeater and installation of Antenna s,

Experience in handling communication and navigational equipments like MF/HF Transceiver, and HF telex,

HF/VHF DSC’s, SATCOM-A, B, C, M, Mini-M, Survival craft /Rescue boat radio, SART, EPIRB, NAVTEX and

Very Small Aperture Transmitter (VSAT)

Control and co-ordination of radio traffic between offshore installations such as Rigs, Platforms, and Seismic

Survey vessels, Anchor handling Tug supply boats, Construction Barges, Production support vessels

and Helicopters.

Regular weather forecast updates from weather transmit sources, general weather conditions from

Production support vessel to plan off shore movement to minimize impact.

Send and Receive fax by land line and V.Sat links, attend all incoming land line and V.Sat telephone calls.

Night operations at unmanned platforms consists of alert watch for the offshore personals by hourly checking the

status on board PSV and sharp watch keeping with the help of Cameras installed at vantage locations in each one of

the Platforms for monitoring any emergency during night time.

Experience in Air Logistics Activities:

Have worked as a logistics executive, during the period prime responsibilities are Managing Offshore

Helicopter operations, providing complete logistics support to the rig operations;

Co-ordinating and managing offshore supply vessels operations, seismic survey vessels.

Control and co-ordination of air traffic between Suvali Production terminal and daily helicopter sorties

to production and drilling installations transporting men and material to and from Suvali terminal to platforms and drilling rigs (vice versa).

Record update and maintain log like Daily passenger Manifest, Daily Heliport Check list, and Marine operations.

Experience in Commercial Activities:

Smooth Buyer and supplier communications to achieve effective gas productions & sales.

Update hourly readings to the Gas Buyers on telephone about the flow and other parameters.

Thorough check up of the nominations received from the buyers update and despatch to H.O accordingly.

Receive, update all the concerned data and maintain a data base of all the daily gas Demand from the buyers &

Sales data.

Experience in HSE Activities:

Coordinated Medical evacuation from Drilling Rig Ensco-54 to a hospital in Surat Town.

Participated in various mock drills conducted at Suvali site related to Onshore/offshore emergency.

During mock drills, taking the role of communication, scribe, muster co-ordinator and follow protocol as per

Company HSE policy.

Strictly follow the company HSE procedures in working atmospheres also in day to day life.

Summary of Field Activities:

Commissioned Radio communication equipment such as MF – HF Transceiver (Barret HF Antenna)

VHF Marine Radio/AERO VHF Radio, antennas and transmission lines.

Regular transit to platforms for preventive maintenance on the Marine VHF set and repeater set situated

at Offshore Platforms.

Replaced solar panel module at off shore platforms LA & LB which was not giving enough power supply

to battery for charging, which has been brought to notice and replaced.

Work with radio technician to carryout fault finding and monthly preventive maintenance of radio equipment

system used at on shore as well as off shore installations.

Technical Suggestions to the Organisation:

Requested organisation to provide additional repeater at offshore platform for to provide optimum and long

distance communications from onshore to offshore. (Repeater Installed at off shore platform)

Poor SOLAR power supply to radio equipment at off shore was observed and brought in to the notice of

Installation Manager, requested them to provide offshore power supply for radio equipment

(Presently radio equipments at off shore working satisfactory with off shore power supply)

Requested Head IT & COM to provide local Radio equipment service technician to carryout fault finding and

maintenance operation on all the radio equipment in order to avoid delay in repairs (Earlier equipments were sent

to Chennai for repairs) – Local technician was arranged for equipment maintenance/repairs.

Requested organisation to provide External Speaker Microphone for offshore crane operator’s walkie talkie, which

helps him to carryout dual work (Communication & Crane Operation) when he handles crane while boat

approaches platform to carry out Loading/off loading operation.(Provided ESM for off shore users)

Requested organisation to provide weather proof cover for walkie talkies to prevent walkie talkies from bad

Weather conditions. (Request received and presently in use)

Brief description on Present Service

Working with Cairn Energy India Pty Ltd – For Offshore and Onshore Activities

Position: IT&C - Networks & Communication Administrator

Field: Drilling, Petroleum Engineering, Seismic, Geology, Operations and Core Laboratory – (Offshore and Onshore)


1. Mobilization & Demobilization activities of Rig communication which includes initial set up of communication transmitting & receiving system.

2. Liaison of Offshore Rig communication set up with WPC (Ministry of Communication)

3. Documentation to process additional communication system related to IMARSAT, Handheld Radio & Repair and Maintenance of the same.


1. Manage VHF Radio Network in Rajasthan Field

• Maintenance of Radio Network

• Implementation of In-house documentation on Preventive VHF Simplex, Duplex, Repeater stations.

2. Manage all IT and Communication Activities in the Rajasthan Field

• Quarterly Audit of IT & Communication activities.

• Coordinate Call register of IT Service desk

• Finalize Job completion reports and implement recommendations.

• Implement / upgrade new software to meet operational requirements.

• Manage Mobilization, Implementation and Demobilization of all field/remote Communications and IT hardware and software

3. Manage all Admin duties related IT and Communication Activities in the Rajasthan Field

• Inventory Monitoring system for IT & Communication systems.(eg VHF Radios, Repeater Stations, Desktop, Laptop, peripherals)

• Maintain all working documents eg Safety, Users Manuals

• Assessing priorities, plans, maintenance routines and liaising with external agencies;

• Investigating the causes of administrative problems

• Supervising administrative routines including records, budgets and accounts;

4. Manage Maintenance Activities related to IT and Communication Systems

• Maintain, test and repair communications equipment

• Calibrating and aligning equipment components

• Repairing systems, equipment and subassemblies

• Performing bench equipment tests to make sure that repaired equipment is operational

• Perform preventive maintenance checks and services on equipment

5. Controlling of IT & Communication budgets.

• Prepare, implement and manage IT and communications budget.


Certificate of Competency Special class (COP SPL)

Radio Telephony General Operator Certificate (RTG)

Global Maritime Distress Safety System Certificate(GMDSS - GOC)


Radio Officer's COP Spl class Certificate

Proficiency in Survival craft and Rescue Boat

Advanced Fire Fighting

Medical First Aid

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities


Computer Applications.


Operation and Maintenance of Radio equipment.

Computer Applications. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Express etc.


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