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Radar Technician


An individual seeking for a strong work experience with a progressive organization having result oriented approach and potential to grow by self motivation.


(Experience at Kamra Avionics & Radar Factory)

• Field / Depot level Maintenance of Low / High Power Radars

• Repair and Overhauling and Troubleshooting of Input /Output Switching & Controlling panels.

• Component level repair of Analog / Digital PCB’s & Micro processor based Electronic cards.

• Component level repair & trouble shooting of Micro Wave Transmitters & Receivers.

• Maintenance/Repair and Modifications of different High/Low voltage and Switch Mode Power Supplies.

• Soldering / Desoldering of SMD Components.

• Repair and Maintenance of UPS

• Modifications in Electronic circuits of IPM & PFN Modules of AN/TPS 43 Radar.

• Testing/ Repair of Analog / Digital Circuits

• PCB Designing And Fabrication

• PCB Tester / Pin Point Tester

• Maintenance / Operation Of Computer System

Experience at No 108 AED ( Radar Maintenance Depot )

• Testing/Repair of Digital PCB’s on DT-6000 Digital Tester

• Testing/Repair of Analog PCB,s at PCB Tester

• IC Testing on IC Tester

• Troubleshooting/Repair of Different RF Components and circuits

Instructional Experience at OJT Center

• Instructional Duties of Basic Electronics

• Instructional Duties of Digital Techniques

• Instructional Duties of Electronics Training Aids

Installation, Calibration, Commissioning & Maintenance of:

• Testing/Troubleshooting Input /Output Switching & Controlling panels.

• Data Recorder ,Transmitter & Data Controller

• Installation and alignment of all type of antenna.

Connector Making

• High Power Cable Connector

• D Type Connector

• Backplane Connector

• Flat Connector

• Circular Connector

• LDF 750 Cable Connectors.

• LDF 550 Cable Connectors

• SMA Connectors of RF Antenna & Jumpers.

• IFRG 8 Cables State and L-Connectors.

• IFRG 6 Cable Connectors.

• BNC Connectors.


• Vector Network Analyzer

• IC Tester

• Pin Point Tester

• Huntron Tracker

• Oscilloscope.

• Digital/Analog Multimeter.

• Signal Generator.

• Frequency Counter

• Transistor Tester





Abbottabad, NWFP,
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