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Qmed- all except pumpman


I want to make money. Tired of being poor.


I did 6 years in the US Navy nuclear program. Honorable discharge. Since then I have always been striving for a degree. Along the way I acquired 10 years locksmithing experience, 2 years security, two year volunteer fireman, and a lot of engine repair, electronics, welding, electrical, plumbing... and a CDL A.


OK, so I have a degree in Political Science which has done absolutly nothing for me. Originally I was a Math major. This means I have a lot of training in problem solving techniques.


MMD has everything for qmed except pumpman. I took the week long course for all of the STCW (1600 dollars out of pocket) but do not have STCW on MMD due to needing an officer to sign off on my watchstanding.


Yes, I can weld and run a little lathe. I have done quite a bit of wire flux welding, brazing, and soldering (both electrical and sweating pipes.) I owned quite a few machining tools in Hawaii, which have all turned to rust from lack of use.


I am the person you would want if you were broke down or stuck on a liferaft. McGyver is a wimp compared to my training.

Seattle, WA,
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