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Project Engineering / Project Management


Office                           : Head of  Supply Chain Management

                                      Western Marine Shipyard Ltd.

                                      Amin Future Park(7 Floor).

                                      1440/A-8,Strand Road.


Personal Information:

Father’s Name                     : A.B.M.Abdullah.

Mother’s Name                     : Mrs. Rawsan Abdullah.

Date of Birth                         : and Place: .

Passport No                         : AB 2144095, Date of Issue:17 Aug 2011, Date of expiry: 16 Aug 2016.        

                               Place of Issue: .

CDC No                               : C/O/2596, Date of Issue: 19 Jun 2007

Nationality                            : Bangladeshi by birth.

Marital status                        : Married.

Permanent Address             : Vill: Pokhiya, P.O: Bakter Munshi Bazar.

                                               PS: Sonagazi. Dist: Feni. .

Professional Qualifications:

1. Master of Business Administration ( MBA)

    Institute: Royal Roads University, Canada.

    Year: 2013.

2. Certificate of competency class-1 (Motor).

    Certificate no: E1- 0002041

    Date of issue: 9 March 2005,

    Country of Issue: MPA, Singapore.

3. Advanced Diploma in Marine Engineering

    Institute: Polytechnic. Year: 2000~2001

3. Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

    MPA, , Date of issue: .

4. Advance Fire Fighting Certificate

    Singapore Poly Technic, Singapore. Year: 2001.

5. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

     Bangladesh Marine Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Year: 2000.

6. Diploma in Marine Purchasing ( On line)

    Institute: Lloyd’s’ Maritime Academy UK

   (Only assignment remaining.)


1.  Member & Treasurer                         :  IMarEST- Bangladesh Branch. (Membership No: 8007415)                                                                    

2.  General Secretary                             :  Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers Association.

3.  Member                                           :  Chartered Institute of logistics and Transportation.

4. Member                                            :  Chittagong Boat Club, Chittagong Bangladesh. (One of the          prestigious Club for Mariners and Navy Officers)

Core Knowledge and Skills

  • Operational      leadership.                        
  • Technical      Instruction.
  • Supply      Chain Management
  • Business      integration.
  • Process      Improvement.
  • Strategic      Planning
  • Contingency      Engineering.

Professional extra-ordinary experience:

At Shore Jobs:

  1. Total      Project Management for 8X 5200 DWT MPP vessel- Negotiation with Owner to      Handing Over to The Owner.
  2. Successful      Outsourcing of New Product type (Aluminum Boat) and new buyer for the      Company towards sustainable business.
  3. Implementation      of Integrated Management System for the Company.
  4. Responsible      and act as an  Owner Representative      for one of the Oily bilge collection vessel for Lamor  Finland, the vessel was built in      Bangladesh and handed over to Chittagong Port Authority.
  5. Part      time lecturer – Bay Maritime Academy for Engineering cadet training (      Pre-Sea Training).
  6. Pre-      Purchase inspection and Bunker survey for 3 Party client and      Company.

At Sea Jobs:

  1. . Most      of the tenure was experienced with vessel dry-docking.( Cadet to Second      Engineer)
  2. Vessel      handed over to different Management (American Eagle Tankers to Anglo      Eastern; Capacity Second Engineer)
  3. Vessel      Taken Over from Other management. (Capacity- Second Engineer)
  4. Vessel      taken over as a receiving crew from the new-building Yard. (300000 DWT Tanker      with a capacity of Second Engineer) Management level involvement for      following major exercises-
  1. Commissioning of the Machinery and equipment.
  2. All test and trial up to the satisfaction of the attending class and Flag state surveyor.
  3. Sea Trial
  4. Taking over all certificates - Class and statutory.
  5. Final taking over the vessel from the Yard.

Professional experience:


Organization                : Western Marine Shipyard Ltd.

                                      1/d Agrabad Commercial area



Designation                 : Head of Supply Chain Management.

Duration:                          1 Jan 2011- till to date.

Western Marine Shipyard: A leading shipbuilding company in Bangladesh. Major Product:  5000~8000 DWT MPC Vessel, Tanker, Tug boat various Bollard Pull, Offshore Patrol Vessel, Ro-Ro Passenger Vessel and SOLAS Passenger Vessel. Major Client: EU (Germany and Denmark), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Gambia) and India.  Web:

Job Responsibilities:

A. Co-ordination with Top Management:

  1. Approval of administrative matters for Supply chain management.
  2. Approval of procurement plan for all running projects and project value determination.
  3. Risk assessment information and recommendations, where applicable

B. Procurement and Planning Activities:

  1. Approval of Procurement plan for all individual projects.
  2. Budget approval for individual project and submit to the Finance department
  3. Clarification and negotiation on pricing and commercial terms for the confirmed order and thus monitoring the budget and controlling the procurement procedure for all vendors, classification society and designer.
  4. Sourcing for new supplier and Maker list and update the vendor list.
  5. Evaluated the best supplier/maker for future reference.
  6. Analyzed flag state and classification society regulation, policies and procedures for the development of procurement contracts and budget submissions.
  7. Developed procurement Policy for the company.

C.HR Related Activities

  1. Prepared the appraisal report for all of the departmental officer and staff.
  2. Prepared strategic plan for training, developing, controlling, implementing and monitoring the performance of the departmental officer.
  3. Supervised and delivered the appropriate decision for day to day matters with respect to operational activities for all individual staff.


Organization                : NOBPAC Ship management Ltd

                                      1/d Agrabad Commercial area


Designation                 : Technical Superintendent.

Duration                        :  1 Jul 2008- 31 Dec 2010

Company Description: Ship Management Company and managing total 10 ships from various Owner. All vessels are bulk carrier between 10,000 ~ 15000 DW.Having office at Singapore and Chittagong Bangladesh. Web Address:      

Scope Of work:

  • Sole      responsibility for 2 ships out of 10 Vessels for providing safe, reliable      and cost effective management.
  • Total      procurement responsibility for all 10 vessels in fleet.
  • Senior      officer performance evaluation.
  • Worked      as an internal auditor.
  • Independently      carried out dry-docking and managed special survey for the vessels.


Organization                : V-Ship Asia Pte Ltd.



Local Agent                 : Reliance Shipping Services

                                       Nur Chamber (3 Floor), 34 Agrabad C/A Chittagong.

                                      . Tel: 88-031-720216.

Designation                 : Chief Engineer.

Duration:                          to 25 DEC 2007.

Vessel Description       : Crude oil carrier, Engine Power: 17466 KW. GT 145,661.


Organization                : Eagle Ship Management Pte Ltd.


                                                # 11-02,


Designation                 : Second Engineer.

Duration                        : to

                                         (Sailed in 3 Vessels with this Organization)

Vessel Description       : Crude oil Tanker, GT 52504 /58156/157245. Engine Power Max:25090 KW.


Organization                : Ocean Tankers (Pte) Ltd.



Designation                 : Second Engineer.

Duration                        : 07 Apr 2004 to 08 Sep 2004

                                      (Sailed in one Vessel with this Organization)

Vessel Description       : Product Tanker, Max Engine Power 12000 BHP.


Organization                : Accord Manning Services (Pvt) Ltd.

                                      Shreya House, 3 Floor

  Andheri East, Mumbai: 400 099.


Designation                 : Second Engineer.

Duration                        : to

                                         (Sailed in 2 Vessels with this Organization)

Vessel Description       : Livestock Carrier, Max Engine Power 14825 BHP.


Organization                : Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.

                                      Bhaban, Agrabad


Designation                 : Various capacities, From Cadet to Second Engineer.

Duration                               : to

  (Sailed in 10 Vessels with this Organization)

Vessel Description       : Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Container. Max Engine Power: 9000 BHP.

Academic Profile:

      Course                    : B Sc in Marine Science (Engineering)

      Result                     : 1 Class.

      Course                    : Marine Engineering Course inline with UK Merchant Navy Training Board.

      Result                     : 1 Class.


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