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Project Manager, Client Representative, Party Chief, Survey Engineer


Available for Freelance/Contract work



88-90: Western Geophysical:

Digital Seismic & Navigation Systems Eng., On-Line Surveyor, and Seismic Observer, on board the Western Reliance, for 2 & 3D deep seismic operations in the North Sea & Mediterranean.

90-..: Freelance:

IMAR Survey Ltd.

Engineering Manager

Project Manager for Inshore Surveys in Ireland

Preparing responses to Invitations to Tender for Survey Services

Preparation of Business Plan for company expansion

Geological Survey of Ireland

Client Representative on the Irish Seabed Survey (EEZ),

Responsible for Quality Control, and contract supervision on the RV Bligh (’01, ‘02).

Client Rep on the Donegal Bay Survey, onboard the RV Celtic Voyager (’02)

Speaker at the 2001 seabed seminar.

Trident Offshore Ltd

Senior Accoustics Consultant for Seabed Metrology North Sea (‘05)

Fugro Survey Middle East

Patry Chief during construction operations, onboard the heavy lift barge HD1000, offshore Qatar (’03)

Senior Survey Engineer rig site surveys Qatar (‘04)

Party Chief debris clearance survey Qatar (’04)

Party Chief Construction support, Qatar (’04)

Senior Survey Engineer Geophysical/Multibeam surveys, Oman (‘04)

Party Chief Geophysical/Multibeam surveys, Qatar (‘04)

Party Chief ROV Pipeline as-laid surveys,Qatar (’05)

Fugro Survey Caspian Ltd.

Party Chief Nearshore trenching support, Azerbaijan (’05)

Party Chief Nearshore construction support, Azerbaijan (05)

The Irish Marine Institute

Senior Systems Engineer during the Irish Seabed Survey, ‘03

Thales Geosolutions Caspian BV

Technical Co-ordinator Analog Route / Site Surveys, ‘03

Party Chief Route/Site/Clearance Surveys, ‘03


Digital Systems Eng. during high-resolution seismic surveys for drilling site locations (N. Sea). ('90/91/94/97/98.)

Digital & Analog Systems Eng., during high resolution Site Surveys. (N. Sea) (’96,’98.)

Dan Surveys:

Navigation Systems Eng. during anchor handling operations around the DAN platform. ('91.)

Analog Acoustic & Navigation Systems Eng. on the DOPAS annual pipeline inspection. ('92.)


Navigation Systems Eng. during rig move (N. Sea). ('91.)


Analog Acoustic Eng. for the landfall area of the Zeepipe in Zeebrugge Belgium. ('91.) Analog Acoustic & Nav. Systems Eng. for the NAM annual pipeline inspection. ('93.)

Thales Geosolutions BV:

Senior Engineer/Company Representative for Rig Move in Kazakhstan (’02).


Analog Acoustic & Navigation Systems Eng. on ROV/ survey support vessels for the Zeepipe development project. ('91/'92.)

Fugro McClelland:

Pile Driving Monitoring Eng. in Yanbu K.S.A. ('91/'92.)


Analog Acoustic & Nav. Systems Eng. on the route surveys for Zeepipe Ph. II, and Europipe. ('92)

Thales Geosolutions Singapore PTE LTD:

Party Chief for ROV pipeline inspection, Sarawak. (‘02)

Thales Geosolutions UAE (Decca Surveys Overseas Ltd.):

Nav. Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. / On-Line Surveyor for anchor handling operations and barge positioning during pipelay and general construction in the Persian Gulf. ('92/93/95/96.)

Nav. Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for pipeline route surveys in the Persian Gulf. ('93) Nav. Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for pipeline inspection surveys offshore India. ('94) Senior Nav. Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. and Safety Officer for pipeline route surveys offshore India. ('94.)

Senior Nav. Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. and Safety Officer for pipeline route surveys offshore Oman ('94).

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for inshore and small-boat pipe-route surveys, in the Red Sea. ('95)

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for Construction/ROV support, offshore Qatar. ('95)

Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. / On-line Surveyor for pipeline route and site surveys, including inshore and small-boat surveys offshore Qatar. ('95)

Party Chief for Analog Site Survey, offshore Qatar. (‘95)

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for pipeline route and site surveys / Qatar. ('95).

Party Chief for Debris Clearance survey, offshore Qatar. (‘96)

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for rigmove, pipeline route and site surveys offshore Qatar. ('96).

Workshop Engineer: at company offices, Abu Dhabi (’92,’96)

Senior Acoustics & Navigation Engineer & Surveyor, Rig-move/Template installation, Iran, (‘01)

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for pipeline route and site surveys / Iran. ('01).

Svitzer Survey / Britsurvey:

Digital and Analog Systems Eng. for High Res. Site Surveys in the North Sea and Western Approaches. ('95)

Racal Survey ISD:

Senior Nav Systems Eng. for Rig-Moves in West Africa. ('95)

Thales Geosolutions (Racal Survey) North Sea, Ltd.

On-Line Surveyor/Senior Systems Engineer for Rig Moves, North Sea, (’01,’02)

Senior Sustems Engineer, for Mobilisation of ROV/Survey Spread, North Sea (’02)

Thales Geosolutions (Racal Survey) USA Inc.:

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for Analog Rig Site Surveys, offshore Trinidad. (‘96)

Workshop Engineer, at offices Houston (96)

Senior Nav Systems Eng. & On-Line Surveyor for Jacket Installation, Louisiana. (‘96)

Senior Nav Systems Engineer/On-Line Surveyor Rig move Texas, (’96)

Party Chief, Systems Eng., On-Line Surveyor, for ROV/Coflexip Lay. Louisiana. (‘96)

Senior Analog/Nav Systems Engineer on trenching support vessel, Florida (‘02)

Subsea Offshore Ltd:

Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng. for ROV Pipelay Support, offshore Norway. (‘96)


Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Engineer for Pipelay offshore UAE (’00)

Party Chief for Pipelay operations offshore UAE (’00)

Senior Nav Systems & Analog Acoustic Engineer for Route Surveys, Iran (’02, ‘03)

Senior Survey Engineer ROV Construction Support (’04)


Senior Nav Systems Eng/Online Surveyor, Construction Support, Troll A (’00)

Senior Nav Systems Eng/Analog Acoustic Eng, Route surveys, Morcam Bay (’01)

Van Oord ACZ

SeniorNav Systems Eng, Analog Acoustic Eng Online Surveyor, Outfall Pipe Cardiff (’00)

Nav Systems Eng, Online Surveyor, Dredging Germany (’00)

SrNav Systems & Analog Acoustic Eng/Online Surveyor, Outfall Montpellier (’03,’04)

Fugro Seafloor Surveys Inc

Swathe Bathymetry Systems Engineer, Cable Routes, Japan/Korea, (’01)


Technical Consultant, Galway Bay Hydrographic/Geophysical Survey (’01)

Technical Consultant,Lynx cable route survey, Estonia (’01)

Software Development, Galway Bay Survey (’01)


Primary & Secondary:

C.B.C., St. Patrick's Place, Cork.

Completed in 1983 with Leaving Cert. in the following subjects:

Maths, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, French, Irish.


University College, Cork.

Graduated in 1987 with BE (Elec.). (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering)


Member of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland.

Offshore Survival & Medical Certificates (renewed Jan ’05), Seaman's Books, Driving Licence, etc. all up to date and in order.

Languages: English, French.


Offshore Survival/Medical




Digital Systems

Acquisition: DFS V, LRS-16A, EG&G 2420, Sercel 358

Streamers: LRS(Digital), Teledyne(Analog),

Streamer Control: Syntron(RCL-2, RCL-3 & Compass), Digicourse

Sources: Bolt Shuttle Guns, TI Sleeve Guns

Source Control: LRS-100, QSC, Hydrapulse, Manual

Cameras: Versatec, OYO-Geospace DFM-480 & DFM-250

Streamer Positioning: LRS SSTS, Sonardyne SIPS

Analog Systems

Side-Scan: Klein 595, Klein 531, EG&G 240, EG&G LC-100, Simrad MS 992, Dowty, SYS09, SYS100, Geoacoustics, Edgetech.

SBP/Pipeliners/Chirp ORE 310, ORE 3010P, ORE 140, Geopulse 5210A/5430A

Ferranti/ORE 310B, SeaPro, Datasonics, SES Probe 5000.

Boomer/Sparker PSU: Geopulse 5420A, EG&G 231/232, Teledyne, Applied Accoustics

Boomer: EG&G (Surface and Sub-Tow), Geopulse (Surface Tow), Huntec (Deep Tow)

Sparker: MES(Surface Tow), NSRF(Deep Tow)

Signal Processing: Delph 1& 2, TSS (Octopus) 360, Isis, Coda, Fugro Glog/Gplot, Triton Isis, TSS TVG, TSS Swell Filter, Krone-Hite Filters, etc

Echo Sounders: Deso 15/ 20/ 25, Simrad EA 200& EA600, Edo Western, Raytheon, Odom Echotrac, Marimatech

Multibeam Seabat 8101, Simrad (120/1000/1002/3000), SSI SYS09 & SYS100,

Sector Scan: Mesotech 971, Simrad MS900, MS940, MS1000.

Profilers Tritech, Ulvertech

Bathy Tritech Seaking, Ulvertech OSP,Digiquartz

Magnetometers: Geometrics (Master/Slave), Littlemore Scientific, EG&G G866, 880,881 Marine Magnetics SeaSpy etc.

Gravity Meters: Bell Textron, Lacoste & Romburg.

Navigation Systems

DGPS: Intersite MN8, Racal Skyfix, Multifix 1/2/3/4, Deltafix LR & SR, Norcom/Magnavox, Trimble, Fugro Starfix, Fugro MRDGPS, Trimble RTK.

Wimpol/Kongsburg, Skytrack (tug/tailbuoy tracking and BMS), Veripos, Ashtec RTK, POS/MV, Thales Trax, Thales Genesis (LRTK), Ashtec Kart, Fugro HP, Fugro Skyfix XP, C-Nav, Z-Extreme RTK.

Historical Hyperfix, Argo, Microfix, Transit Satellite, Pulsar, Pulse8, Syledis.

Acoustic Positioning

Sonardyne: LBL Compatt Systems, APS3, Acoustic Releases, etc.

USBL: HPR, Hipap, ATS, Sonardyne LUSBL, Cassius & Norcom USBL processing.

Other Equipment

Motion Sensors: TSS 320B, Heco 10, TSS 333, TSS 335, TSS DMS 5 etc, Seapath, PosMV,

Octans, etc.

Record Annotator: TSS 312B, etc

Graphic Recorders: EPC 3200 & 9701, Waverly 3710, EPC 1083, Dowty 200, Ultra120, Alden

T/S Meters: Valeport, Applied Scientific (and others)

Sound Velocity Probes: AMS, Nautronics, Valeport, and others

Miscellaneous: Tide Gauges, Various acoustic releases, Gravity Coring, Piston Coring, Grab Sampling, ROV Eventing, Levelling, Various gyros/heading sensors,etc.

Navigation Software

Western Geophysical: WISDOM

Thales : GNS 1&2, BMS, Multifix, Skytrack, Trax, Winfrog, PDS1000, PDS2000

Fugro: Seis, Nav, Wombat, MRDGPS, etc

Wimpol: WINS

Intersite/Oceonics: IP300

Norcom: Geodetic, Surveyor II, Norcom Online & BMS

Seateam: SDAQC



Trimble: HydroPro

Computer Systems

PC, HP300, HP9845, HP F1000, IBM360, VAX…

Computer Languages

BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembly (8086,6502), SQL

Computer Operating Systems

DOS, Windows(all), VMS, CMS

Computer Software:

Auto CAD, GIS, Microstation, CAE, Word Processors, Spread Sheets, SQL Databases, etc....


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