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Project Manager

Project Engineering / Project Management

Objective: To use my years of oilfield experience in management, Sales, Project Management, Decommissioning, P&A, Construction, Drilling, Diving, ROV, 

Salvage, Fabrication, Inspection, and Company Growth 

Education:  University of Iowa, B.A. Business Administration

University of Santa Barbara, Saturation Diving

Certified Emergency Medical Technician


John Wood & Associates, LLC President

Prime Marine

1/17/14 Site visit to Peru, and presented plans for Decommissioning first of 12 platforms

Prime Marine Services, Inc.

8/7/13 Investigate a four pile platform to be removed in Gulf of Mexico

Complete Decommissioning plan and procedures for salvage 

Developed budget for project..

Will manage the project with responsible for safety, timelines and budget.

Made site visit to Peru regarding decommissioning four deck and jacket removal projects.

Prepared Salvage procedures for removal.

Completed budget and cost

I will be responsible for safety, vendor activity and budget.

Evaluate cleanup project in Caspian Sea.

Completed procedures for P&A, jacket and deck salvage.

I will be preparing budgets and vendor logistics.

5/15/12 to 11/15/12               Barmier Casbarian LLC

Wrote removal procedures for standing deck and jacket located in 1050 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico

Completed the AFE for project the project.

Investigated and turned in a suggested vendor list for project.

11/15/05 to 9/1/11 Ankor Energy, Taylor Energy Company 

 Project Manager


  • Responsible for research and recording laws, permits, and governmental regulations regarding the Mississippi Canyon 20 project. (8 pile toppled platform with 28 wells)
  • Responsible for Decommissioning Mississippi Canyon 20 Platform and pipelines, Water depth 450 feet to 770 feet  
  • Interacting with governmental bodies.  In particular the MMS 
  • Completed AFE’s for all phases of the project, including 
  1. Cost 
  2. Budgets 
  3. Schedules 
  4. Bids 
  5. Project job scopes 
  6. Contractors evaluations 
  • Develop procedures for different phases of project
  • Construction plans for the different phases of project. 
  • Develop and apply cost savings
  • Developed ROV equipment to contend with poor visibility. 
  • Completed pipeline abandonments. 
  • Project Manager while contracted teams performed debris and contaminated soil surveys and Deck salvage
  • Developed procedures to clean-up contaminated soils. 
  • Implemented soil engineering, design, studies, and excavation methods. 
  • Project Manager for teams to complete pipeline repairs 
  • Developed salvage method for deck Salvage as well as partial removal of jacket.
  • Develop procedures and tools for all ROV work tasks.
  • Oil spill coordinator
  • BOEM representative 

Additional Tasks:

  • P&A wells responsibilities using wedding cake method. 
  • Instituted study method for locating and lifting buried conductors for P&A . 
  • Prepare AFE estimates. 
  • Contractor Pre-qualification 
  • Supervised Contractor bidding, Solicitation, Evaluation, Recommendations 
  • Conduct contract negotiations and administration 
  • Managed on-site project coordinators 
  • Managed on-site vendor surveillance 
  • Responsible for day to day problem resolution 
  • Close out project 
  • Project planning. 
  • Engineering, Permits and surveys. 
  • Worked with governmental regulatory bodies for permitting. 
  • Debris removal 
  • Pipeline evacuation 
  • Well re-entry methods 
  • Solicitation of bids 
  • Recommendations 
  • Conduct contract negotiations and administration. 
  • Manage on-site project coordinators. 
  • Managed on-site vendor surveillance. 
  • Responsible for day to day problem resolution. 
  • Close out 
  • Responsible for all projects from mud line to surface.

Additional Projects: 

  • Post hurricane platform and pipeline surveys for water depth 70-feet to 720-feet 
  • Completed pipeline surveys and reburial 
  • Pipeline re-route SS 218 
  • Platform salvage,
  • Fabricate platform, 
  • Instillation and pipeline hook up.  
  • Platform underwater repairs.  
  • Post hurricane pipeline re-burials. 
  • Drill Rig support
  • Designed and developed underwater oil/separator containment system.

2000-2005 Houma Industries, Inc, New Orleans, Vice President

  • Increased offshore work force by 127 workers. 
  • Increased client base by 57% 
  • Involved in planning of projects, Including BHP, Modulike, project. 
  • Recommended procedures for tracking of material, parts and man-hours increasing fabrication yard efficiency by 20% to 30%, witch were implemented in project guidelines. 
  • Involved in the day to day planning of fabrication projects. 

  1. A. G. Morgan, Houston Texas,

                                                           Vice President

  • Increased sales by 40 to 63% per year.
  • Managed 160 employees in 11 locations tracking purchasing and logistics of all parts, spares, prints, and manuals of all Shell and Texaco deep-water projects.  
  • Developed information modules used for projects with Shell and Texaco
  • Developed and implemented project management division.
  • Planned and implemented safety program
  • Managed client operations.
  • Interfaced with government agencies on regulatory issues.
  • Managed personnel training.
  • Consulted on numerous diving projects.  Bid analysis, safety issues, Equipment safety issues, diving procedures, diving company evaluations.

1984 –1996 American Oilfield Divers, New Orleans, LA, Vice President

I established office in New Orleans area.  Responsible for sales, operations, and administration, equipment maintenance, regulatory interface, 

1981 – 1984 Oceaneering, Morgan City, LA, Division Manager

  • Responsible for all operations, personnel, and equipment in USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia.
  • Responsible for over 400 divers and 27 million dollars of equipment
  • Helped set in motion safety and regulatory issues for equipment and personnel used world wide throughout Oceaneering.
  • Helped establish (ADC) the Association of Diving Contractors
  • The ADC later became the World Wide standard for all diving activities world wide.
  • Had a profitable division every year
  • Set in motion a company wide tracking system for all Company equipment
  • Set standards for all estimating contracts
  • Implemented and developed asset identification system for all company equipment

1971 – 1980 Oceaneering, Morgan City, LA Project Diving Supervisor

  • Responsible for safety, job scope, planning, and logistics of personnel equipment.  
  • Involved in all phases of oil field construction including drilling, fabrication and welding, 
  • Worked from pipeline and burry barges, derrick barges, drilling rigs, platforms, and boats.
  • Involved in salvage of platforms, boats and drilling rigs
  • Worked as diver, supervisor and project manager.

Interest:  Golfing, Motorcycling, Fishing and Hunting

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