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Project Management


Well experienced in initiating, planning and executing many projects in commercial construction, LNG/CNG projects, manufacturing and process industries projects, healthcare and IT areas specialized in providing Critical Path Method (CPM). Successfully completed many projects based on the fundamental principles and knowledge of scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, project integration created value for clients by effectively scheduling and project controls. Developed models, analyzing, updating, monitoring schedules ,project reporting procedures with customized services for projects’ specific needs based on customer focused, financial, analytical methodology in the competitive & cost conscious non-profit healthcare environment motivating teams, maintaining a network throughout the organization providing result-oriented and goal based leadership.


? Developed a strategy for converting LNG/CNG, commercial, process and manufacturing industries and hospital construction planning to facilitate project start-up including a process for planning and scheduling systems at start-up, using the most effective approach to backward planning. Designed logical processes on designing, construction of capital projects and key planning issues/concepts on Ethical Leadership. Developed strategy in capital project management, its impact on non-project personnel, corporate performance, and functional support specialists in planning.

? Developed methods of estimating project cost for developing Project Work Breakdown Structure, Organizational Breakdown Structure, and Cost Breakdown Structure, Project Execution Plan for commercial/industrial & healthcare projects.

? Designed the scheduling of work packages, and systems for diagramming the schedule, estimating time requirements for individual tasks, priorities, logic work flow methods, resource leveling over the project duration.

? Developed project risk categories by identifying, assessing, time sensitivity of risk management, assigned, assumed, or shared through contract language, proactively administered contracts, avoided disputes with emphasis on controls, communication & resources management on ongoing basis.

? Developed a model for project teams, managed effective team performance by integrating project objectives for all project stakeholders and designed tools for gaining alignment on the project objectives.

? Successfully completed many projects in IT areas also; such as, Revenue cycle management in surgical centers, diagnostic centers and ER, Patient throughput in ASC, Imaging, physicians’ organizations and hospitals. Facilities maintenance & operations and supply chain management in multiple hospitals.

? Developed pre-project planning strategy & addressed the issues of project conceptual planning, organization, studying project alternatives, developing the project definition package for making the project decision, the methodology for establishing a justifiable project needs, designed tools, measured effectiveness of pre-project planning in evaluating a project scenario using structured approach for the assignment of responsibilities within a project.

? Focused on the project scope, control & change management success factors in project delivery and achieved comprehensive scope control in the project and effectively managed throughout project life by establishing and implementing a breadth of sensing devices, interpreted the metrics of project controls needed for successful project management.

? Focused approach on baseline for controls, measured status against the baseline, analyzed data for information on progress, developed execution strategies with documentation and reporting, breaking the work into manageable segments as per productivity management principles.

? Optimized project schedules by compressing the overall time required for design, procurement, construction, and start-up activities, addressed early project planning techniques, schedule for accelerated and recovery techniques for mid-stream project focused on integrated materials management systems with particular emphasis on computer tools and reports.

? Designed a model for successful management of partnering relationship strategies based on benefits, and barriers for tracking and measured results, project delivery & contract strategy, an integrated decision support tool that facilitated maximum achievement of the project objectives.

? Utilized standard industry scheduling methods and software and developed, monitored, and reported the progression of construction projects and informed clients quickly and accurately on project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.

? Successfully designed and developed methodology for construction projects with accurate planning, budgeting, estimating, and scheduling, minimized risk by forming a dedicated project team with shared tasks, solved problems and assessed the feasibility.

? Developed multi-objective optimization model in three major modules: scheduling, optimization, and ranking for planning and scheduling of repetitive construction projects, generated and evaluated optimal construction plans, minimized project duration, maximized crew work continuity simultaneously.

? Scheduling module used for resource-driven scheduling algorithm, developed practical schedules for repetitive construction projects; the optimization module utilized multi-objective genetic algorithms, searched and identified feasible construction plans, established optimal tradeoffs between project duration and crew work continuity; the ranking module used multi-attribute utility theory ranked the generated plans & facilitated the selection, execution of the best overall plan for the project consideration.

? Proposed new systematical methods based on "Construction Process Chart" and solved resource leveling and term shortening problems on a construction project, expressed many planning items and mutual relationships, enabled in formulating plans efficiently, and comprehensively. Focused on reinforced concrete works, cleared the characteristics of inspections in construction works, and pointed out essential algorithm of practical quality control procedure with improved methods for practical structuring works, greatly contributed to the successful usage of quality control planning phase.

? Analyzed the effect of contract remuneration type and project complexity on the desirability of planning and scheduling specification clauses for construction projects based on the analysis of survey responses from construction companies, large owners of lump sum and cost reimbursable contracts and quantifiable project complexity rating.


? Masters in Healthcare Administration (Major in Finance)-(GPA = 3.71) Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas- graduated in Nov. 2005.

? Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - (GPA = 3.50)

N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology- graduated in 1978.


? American College of Healthcare Administration – Greater Houston Chapter (Member since 2004

? American Society of Quality (Member since 2004).

? World Mammon Organization (Member since 2000). International welfare, social & community organization.


? Strong interpersonal/relationship & presentation skills.

? Outstanding customer service, well organized, detail-oriented, self-motivated.

? Effectively interface with all levels of the management/medical professionals.

? Proficient in computer software design, operations: Microsoft office & other customized software’s.

? Strong analytical & problem-solving, process improvement, lean techniques.

? Leadership potential, team player, high energy level, professional integrity.

? OSHA, JCAHO & ISO compliance procedures.

? Multilingual in languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Russian, and Mammon, learning Arabic & Spanish.


Dear Sir/Ms,

A professional project planning & operations management background in multiple industries with proven record of obtaining results focused on organizational redesign, innovative approach to construction planning, pre-project planning, design management, provided key support to large LNG/CNG projects, commercial buildings, capital industrial and healthcare projects.

In my 28 years of diversified experience, conducted feasibility studies and completed many projects in hydrocarbon, manufacturing, IT, healthcare and service industries. Some of the important projects worked from beginning of construction phase through installation, commissioning, operations and handing to the clients were; Commercial building projects, Construction of Hospitals, Air distillation plant, Power plants, Fertilizer plants units, LNG/CNG projects, ASC, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare projects. Also designed and developed many software’s in materials management & procurement, facilities maintenance, EMR, Revenue cycle management, patient access system with customized service based on particular situation of the work, time, scope and available resources. The lean approach of projects principles and tools, planning and scheduling processes defining numerous activities or tasks, organizing them into a logical network are the key elements in qualifying me for consideration as part of your competent team.

The in-depth knowledge of non-profit community hospitals construction & other commercial projects with planning expertise, project costing, timely completion by tracking, based on analysis, developing key performance indicators, using six-sigma & lean methodology greatly improved project completion schedules and act as a framework for resource allocation decisions and focused priority setting ensured a shared set of directions for the future. The understanding of construction planning, challenging activity in the management and execution of construction projects, involved the choice of technology, work tasks, estimation of the required resources and durations for individual tasks, identification of interactions among the different work tasks leveraging business applications, for competitive advantage.

The integration of IT activities and interrelated strategic initiatives of organizations with logical analysis, design, implementation, and change management conceptualizing creative solutions, documenting them, presenting to senior executives established and maintained a high level of customer trust, confidence in all stages of project completion.

I would really like the opportunity for a personal interview at the earliest convenience. I can be reached at (832)-643-7080 and look forward to being interviewed for this challenging opportunity. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Sam Abdullah

Sugar Land, TX,
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