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Project Consultant & Technical Lead

Project Engineering / Project Management

Construction of shore LNG Storage Tanking (250,000 cu.meter) facility with Regassification plant and associated machineries as fuel for LNG Power Plant of 2,000 megawatts capacity. Case study carried out for the port reception development and jetties including product transfer system for LNG storage up to the production pipeline. 

  • Lead and manage technical and work program scheme of the project as mandated by the stakeholders.
  • Ensure project execution based on the data derived from the case study and proactively communicate the drive to the EPC.
  • Develop project team structure and oversee competencies and experience level.
  • Maintain control on all technical aspects of the project including applicable process. Agree on the project deliverables that translate into project requirements.
  • Plan and manage project schedules to ensure critical path and milestone are met. Optimization of schedule with no compromise to the work quality.
  • Serve as focal point for the external technical authority and project clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Prior exposure with LNG and LPG Vessels while working with Noble Denton and Class Surveyor of ABS were as follows:

  • Afloat inspection of Gas Carrier for the maintenance of Class in accordance with requirement as set by IACS.
  • Operational test of the equipment as fitted for the safe carriage of LNG/LPG products on board as per IMO Gas Code.
  • Witnessing the calibration of monitoring equipment during drydock and setpoint verification using testing gas.
  • Internal inspection of membrane tanks and confirming the structural condition and the insulation in-between the tank wall including the primary and secondary barrier.
  • Commissioning of any additional features on the cargo system due to modification and upgrading of technology.           
  • Deputy Technical Director at Translift Ship Management
    2013 September - Sep 2017
    Worked with ship owner and operator of eight (6) Clean Product Tanker, Two (2) Chemical/Oil Tanker and Two (2) LPG Carrier. All were engaged on domestic and regional trade being chartered by oil majors.
    - Provide direct link to the top management being the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) and promulgate guidelines to promote safety, pollution prevention and safe working environment within the organization.
    - Coordinate safety operations of the vessel and act as focal point for the oil major stake and charter guarantees. Evaluation of vessel performance against the agreed deliverables and make recommendations through reviews and analytical approach.
    - Oversee the security matters as Company Security Officer (CSO) and constantly in contact with government enforcement agencies that provides security updates. Plans to avoid security breached whilst the vessel in high seas or underway.
    - Managed the team of office technical support and purchasers to ensure proper disposal of services to the vessel. Initiated the maintenance monitoring within fleet and creation of AMOS.
    - Group leader on the technical aspects and day to day business of assigned vessel thru reporting done by the Superintendents and vessel senior officers.
    - Monitors implementation of approved procedures and conduct site office and vessel audit to verify compliance. Make recommendations for system changes due to new regulations or results of non-conformity work.
    - Evaluate reports and lead investigations on technical incidents. Provide gap analysis to address the root-cause or agreed ALARP measures in consultation with top management. Task to implement preventive actions to shore-based and shipboard personnel.
  • Senior Engineering Surveyor at Noble Denton
    2008 September - Dec 2012
    Worked as Senior Engineer Surveyor for Marine Casualty Investigation (MCI) and Oil/Gas Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) under the umbrella of London Office. In addition to the technical functions, was appointed as HSEQ Manager directly responsible for the implementation of health, safety, environment and quality activities.
    - Monitor and coordinate with external and internal clients any issues on safety, environment and quality requirement. Conduct risk assessment and root cause analysis as per industry practice.
    - Ensure Group Brand Protection and QHSE processes and standards are effectively coordinated across all marine department and other activities in the region covering the complete cross section of business processes.
    - Assist preparation for ISO audit reviews and report on all Branding and QHSE issues to the Regional QHSE Manager.
    - Function as Project Lead on any assigned marine casualty investigations and act as independent without prejudice incident investigator for concerned Underwriter leading to claims and settlements.
    - Conduct hull and machinery condition survey for insurance coverage entry of vessels or marine structures. Includes the protection and indemnity warranty for the third-party liability.
    - Carry out offshore platform technical audit and Marine Warranty Survey approval on construction/support vessels under CMID & IMCA standards or oilfield specific guidelines.
    - Attend vessel demolition voyage approval (under own power or towed) and to some extent carry out pre-purchase condition survey including appraisal audit for the banks.
  • Marine Surveyor & Auditor at American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    1996 September - Aug 2008
    - Visits local or foreign vessels, marine structures and manufacturers for routine class and statutory survey activities.
    - Performs work, which involves conventional surveying practices but may include moderately complex problem resolution and co-ordination of activities among other disciplines.
    - Prepares technically accurate and timely survey reports and responses to letters, faxes and other forms of communication.
    - Works directly with clients to identify and resolve problems in area of technical matters.
    - Performs office day-to-day activities in an orderly and up-to-date manner including continuous education brought about by the requirements of IMO and Association of Classification Societies (IACS).
    - Conduct audit on marine related companies and facilities in accordance with ISO standard.
    - Review and approved submitted manuals in reference to ISO standards and IMO ISM & ISPS Code requirements.
    - Assessment and external audit on shore based / shipboard organization for compliance certification.

    Career milestone while working with ABS:
     Assigned as Class Project Manager for two (2) new building oil tankers and two (2) conversion/retrofit project for oil/gas including FPSO under AGIP/ABO for Nigeria.
     Member of flying squad (ABS Pacific HQ) and trained for stringent survey requirements of “Aging ESP Vessels” and “Port State Targeted Ship”.
     Designated as Class Surveyor in charge of MSC (U.S. Navy) government vessels stationed in Diego Garcia (BIOT) and Guam through coordination with U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Bachelor of Science
    Marine Engineering at Phil. Merchant Marine Academy
    1980 - 1984
Davao City, Davao Del Sur,
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