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Corporate / Senior Management


"high potential"

      *Ph.D. in Transpot Technology (Transport Management)-College of maritime treansport-Arab Academy for science & technology & maritime transport (AASTMT)-Egypt.2004

*Master's Degree in Ports & Shipping management-University of walse-College of cardiff-U.K.1993

** second mate over seas-Arab Academy fo science and technology and maritime transport. 1987

* Bachelor of Science( , Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime  Transport,1984 (Excellent). Major :Management & Economics Of Maritime Transport.

Professional experience

Present job:Associate Dean of International Transport and logistics institute-AASTMT

1-      Professor teaching (English&Arabic) maritme transport and  logistics cources . (Arab Academy for Science and Technology and  Maritime Transport)  (AASTMT),from 1989 till Present.

2-      Over 500 students graduates, more than 400 trainning cources have been carried out.

  • Design and set courses particularly to under graduate students(English&Arabic).
  • Provide academic advice to department students (English&Arabic).

2- Conducted Training course "Improving Port Performance "Kuwait 1994"& to

Kuwait Ports  Authority , 1993.

3- Supervise and conduct training sessions for port and shipping personnel&

Assess participants performance

4- Coordinator, Transport & logistics courses (AASTMT).

5- Visiting lecturer, southHampton institute, UK, 1997.            

6- Assign courses to teaching assistants

7-Supervise, and assess teaching assistants performance.

8- Author  of text books for Transport and logistics Dept (AASTMT)

  • Personal management.
  • Transport operation management.
  • Transport Planing and its policies.
  • Port policy.

9-Expert in ILO since 2010

10- High solving problems & decision making skills.

11-Excellent command of both written/spoken English &Arabic.

12- Excellent Knowledge of Ms office,internet,most of the computer applications.


1- Ph.D : (AASTMT), Alexandria, 2004

Specialization: Transpot & Logistics Technology (Transport Management).

 Thesis Topic: The Impact of Transportation by Trucks on Increasing The Rates of Arab Inter – Trade Exchange.

2- Master’s Degree( : University of Wales-College of cardiff- U.K ,1993

Specialization:Ports & Shipping Management .

Thesis Topic  : The Nile and River Port Development (Its Importance To Egypt’s Economy)

3- Second Mate Certificate ,Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime  Transport,1987.

4- Bachelor of Science( , Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime  Transport,1984 (Excellent).

Concentration :Management & Economics Of Maritime Transport.

Personal Data

Job:Vice Dean of international transport and logistics institute-AASTMT- Associate professor –Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport

Date of Birth   :

Nationality                  : Egyptian

Military Status     : Completed

Marital Status       : Married

Competencies (General)

*More than 28  years teaching experience in Management, shipping ,transport management& logistics.

*Extensive experience in conducting training courses in transport management, shipping, ports and the logestics field.

*Teaching Courses to personnel in the field of shipping, port management operation& logistics.

*Supervising and teaching post graduate students. 

Professional – High degree of personal initiative and willingness to accept wide responsibilities; demonstrated effectiveness in developing logistics ,transport, shipping ,ports plans, policies, procedures and new programs; demonstrated fiscal awareness and responsibility and good knowledge of maritime transport and logistics; ability to provide technical and procedural advice in a broad range of ports, shipping, transport and logistics areas.

Ability to develop, maintain and supervise accountability systems for materials, services and contracts management. Communication – Excellent communication (spoken, written, and presentational) skills, including ability to present sensitive issues/ positions and to write reports and quantitatively justify transport and logistics decisions. Planning and organizing – Demonstrated planning and organizational skills and ability to coordinate the work of others, work to tight deadlines and handle multiple concurrent projects/ activities.

Client orientation – Strong negotiating skills and ability to influence others to reach agreement. Technological awareness –ability to design and operate common database software, spreadsheet and project management applications; define and extract management information for ports, transport and logistics support. Teamwork – Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships in a multi- cultural, multi- ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

List of puplications


  • الأهمية الأستراتيجية لتنمية الموارد البشرية للموانى بالدول النامية
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement in maritime Familiarization Training
  • Realization of Strong Ports and Shipping Services in Developing Countries Using Multi-Criteria Selection Algorithm
المجلة العلمية"التجارة والتمويل"- كلية التجارالمجلة مارس 2014
العلمية"التجارة والتمويل"- كلية التجارة-  جامعة طنطا- المجلد الأول -العدد الأول -2014 PP: 227-244ة-جامعة
 طنطا- العدد الثالث- 2012.PP29-38
(International conference on logistics systems and intelligent management , taken place in Herbin,china(ICLSIM2010)
January 9-10 2010
  • Ports restructuring, policy and regulation-Egypt case
(The 11 international maritime conference (MARDCON)- AASTMT- Egypt
November 2009
  • The positive effects of financial crises on shipping industry
(port training institute conference- AASTMT- Egypt)
Feb 2009
  • Transport Human Recourse Management (book)
Al- Horia for publication & Distribution 2007
  • Custom's Procedures& Management (book)
Al- Horia for publication & Distribution 2007
  • The Role & Importance of Transport in constitution of Arab's union (book)
Al- Horia for publication & Distribution 2007
  • Marketing of sea ports
Tanta University-college of commerce(scientific magazine) December

  • The role of third world countries ports from logistics globalization.
port training institute conference- AASTMT- Egypt March 2006
  • Liner Trade Management(book)
Al- dare algameiea(publisher) 2006
  • Transport planning & its polices(book)
Al- dare algameiea(publisher) 2006
  • The role of road Transport between Arab Countries
Tanta University-college of commerce(scientific magazine) December 2005
  • Restructuring the Ports Organization to cope with the advanced ports
port training institute conference- AASTMT- Egypt Feb 2005
  • The integration of road Transport between Egypt's and its ports 
Arab institute for navigation conference-Egypt Mar 2003
  • Ports Searches for Excellence
Mansoura University journal Aug 2002

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