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Production/Technical Supervisor


i want to continue to develop my self & my skills & knowledge


Employer: Emirates Inflatable Boat, Est.

Position: Production/Technical Supervisor

Employment dates: June 16, 2007 – up to present


Manufacturing Rubber Boats EPDM soft Hull & Rigid hull.

Repair and maintenance all types of Ribs Boats (civilian & military)

Prepare Job Cards, Store Requests, Purchase Request,

- Prepare Delivery Notes, dealing with the sales and delivery team

- Prepare Periodic Reports to the Production, production plan,Estimated Cost

-Follow Up materials purchasing & store

-Calculate the quantities existing in the plan

-Organize the tasks according to the implementation in reality

major achievements:

i changed completely the design of all models boats

i changed completely the design of all blocked rooms inside tubes

i introduce additional works such as manufacturing aluminum floors inside company


Bachelor of Quality Control - Section of Mechanics


1-Fiberglass Boatbuilding Materials & Method

(Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology)

2-Principles of Fiberglass Boat Design & Construction (Westlawn

Institute of Marine Technology)

1-Bachelor of Quality Control

2-Internet Outlook

3-English Language Course

4-Excel Advanced Course

5-AutoCAD Course



MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, Internet Skills, Office Outlook, Auto Cad.


Ras Al Khima,
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