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Process Control Engineer


Looking to find new experiences, not necessarily in any particular field. Extensive travel ok.

I would like to get into the marine industry using my industrial control experience.



Celerity - Tualatin, OR 3-06/8-08

Permanent Controls Engineer responsible for electrical/controls design, implementation and startup of custom slurry /chemical blend and distribution tools for various semiconductor FABs. Clients include Intel, TSMC, GSMC, UMC, Winbond, Quimona. Startups required extensive travel as most FABs are located outside of the US. Control systems include Allen Bradley SLC, Compact Logix, Control Logix. Extensive use of RSlogix5000, RSlinx, RSnetworx, RSView32 & ME, Panelbuilder. Networks include Controlnet, Devicenet, Ethernet, DH+.

ACT - American Computer Technologies - Orlando, FL 3-00/3-06

Permanent process control engineer responsible for all sales, project management, development and implementation. Taken all projects through full life cycle, from bid to completion. Due to the lack of private manufacturers in Florida, the market is mostly municipal.

City of Daytona Beach Shores - SCADA telemetry system for the city's wastewater lift stations using TI 545 master station 7 remote stations using Siemens S7 214's, MDS radios, and a Wonderware interface.

Florida Turnpike Waste water treatment facility #1 - Wonderware interface and reporting.

City of Ocala - Water reclamation facility #1 automation using TI 505, DCC pump controllers and FIX32 interface

City of Ocala - Water Treatment facility #1 automation using TI 505, SCADAPac telemetry system and redundant FIX32 nodes

City of Ocala - Water reclamation facility #3 automation using Siemens S7-318 PLC's, Fiber optics and VTScada interface.

City of Ocala - Water Reclamation facility #2 automation using TI 505 Controllers and VTScada interface.

City of Frostproof - Allen Bradly micrologix 1200s networked with Ethernet through NET-ENI cards and Data Linc radios with an Intellution iFIX HMI. Automation of the city's fresh water distribution system.

City of Alachua - AB micrologix and Modicon PLC's networked via MDS spread spectrum radios connected to VTScada redundant hot backup HMI's

Collier County - WTP's and WRF's with AB micro's, SLC's, PLC5's and Contrologix processors.

CranePro 21 Houston, TX. 4-99/1-00

Contract Employee on implementation and start-up of a hot coil handling and tracking SCADA system at CSI California Steel Industries in Ontario CA. System consisted of four PLC 5/40 E's, four Kone Dynac AC Vector drives, five nodes of Flex I/O connected with ProfiBus and Data highway, and a multi-processor server connected to PLC's via Ethernet. Programmed, troubleshot and tested PLC's, ProfiBus, Flex I/O, and associated machineries. The System was the first hot coil cooling system of is type and greatly increased coil thruput. Trained CSI operators on the functioning of the system.

Innovative Control Concepts Houston, TX. 1997-99

Trained on Elsig Bailey Freelance 2000 Micro DCS and Foxboro Micro I/A. Configuration and light programming on both. Y2K Audits at Energizer Battery plant in Maryville MO. and Jefferson Smurfit/ Stone container paper mill in

Jacksonville FL. Built, configured and installed inter-office NT networks.

Metropolitan Parks Tacoma, WA. 1996

Programmed and tested Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 SLC's for boathouse elevators and SLC 150's for fountain automation

Crown Meat Company Tacoma, WA. 1994-96

Maintained, serviced and repaired: large scale refrigeration units, Compressors, electrical systems, truck fleet, forklifts, conveyors and various meat processing machines; plumbing and light construction. What ever it was, I made it happen.

Orcas Network Ltd. Juneau, AK 1989-94

Orcas Network installed a large-scale SCADA control system for The Juneau water system. It consisted of approximately 80 rack- mounted PLC 5\25s, a dual 960MHz/9600 baud microwave radio network, two DEC VAX 3100 master stations, a Micro-VAX 2000, and an Allen Bradley Pyramid Integrator. Responsible for the installation,

programming, testing and start-up of PLC's and associated process equipment in the field. Programmed and tested MMI software screens (USDATA Dataviews). Prepared and conducted Field and Site Acceptance Tests. Trained city operators on the functioning of the system.


DOS 6.22; Windows 3.1, 95 and 98 and 2000; ME, XP, NT Server and Workstation; Microsoft Office; RSNetworx for Controlnet and Devicenet, RSLinx, RSLogix5000, 500, 5 & and 6200 series for Allen Bradley SLC's and PLC's/Compact & Control logix, Dataview; Siemens S7-200 Micro-dos and Micro-win software, Siemens Step7, SimaticNET, Siemens Protool; TISOFT; Intellution iFIX; USDATA's Factorylink; Wonderware; Trihedral’s VTScada, Agile and AutoCAD.



Bates Technical College Tacoma WA. 1995-97 Applied Electronics, Industrial Automation

Whatcom Community College Bellingham WA. 1985-86

Highline Community College Desmoines, WA. 1986-87


Bates Technical College: Electronics- circuit analysis; Use of electronic test equipment: Oscilloscopes, Digital Multi Meters, data analyzers, logic analyzers and probes. Semiconductor devices, digital and analog integrated circuits; digital logic; microprocessors and Assembly language programming. Networking and programming PLC’s - Allen Bradley, Siemens, Texas Instruments and GE; schematic diagrams; robotics; hydraulics; pneumatics; sensors; transducers; electro-mechanical devices; complete control integration from field devices to PLC networks to HMI’s.

Highline Community College: General Academic Courses

Whatcom Community College: General Academic Courses



Bates Technical College Associate of Technology,

CET (Certified Electronics Technician)

InSource InTouch Foundation class (WonderWare)

Itellution iFIX Fundumentals

Trihedral VTScada training

Siemens S7-200 training

Siemens S7-3/400 training

AB PLC-5 Training


Experienced field engineer with extensive startup experience.


Portland, OR,
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