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President/Contract Management


Fast-track the growth of an ocean technology company, particularily one that has substantial export sales potential.


President - R&D Lyons Consultants Limited, Nova Scotia, Canada [1975 - present]

President - Flexible Business Networks Inc., California [2001 - present]

President - Offshore Marketing International, Canada

[1980 - present]

Established & sold 4 marine-related companies over the last 15 years: Endeco Canada, Nova Boatbuildres, Northwest Atlantic Oyster Growers, Kelvin Group.

Completed more than 250 international business & marketing-related consulting assignments.

An extensive network of clients and long-established contacts throughout North America, Europe Union, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Up-to-date knowledge of most ocean technolgy markets: offshore oil & gas, marine environment, fish farming & aquaculture, marine transportation, NATO, maritime security, recreational boating...

Successfully assisted clients in establishing over 30 joint-venture and licensing of technology aarrangements.


1971 - Masters of Business Administration, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

1970 - Bachelor of Commerce, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia



An ability to provide business & management skills to compliment technology-orientated companies with strong science & technolgy expertise.

Identify and develop new markets and applications for ocean technology products and know-how.


Associate Network, Intercontinental Enterprises, Los Angeles

Past-Chairman, Enterprise Forum

Past-Chairman, Marine Technology Society, Eastern Canada

Past-Chairman, Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce

Board member, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Palm Springs, CA,
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