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Premiums Management Manager


I would like to gain experience in the Maritime Industry as I have persued the B.Phil in Maritime studies with the University of Stellenbosch. I would like to put the theory I acquired into practice.


I have been working in the Medical Aid industry for 11 years. I have worked for Medscheme for 8 with a broken service of two years. I started there as a temp. in December 1995, from from Varsity, and got a permanent position in January 1996, as a Credit Control Clerk. I develop there into a Quality Controller, then a Supervisor. I achieved one of the award as a star of the month where I collected R1.5m of historic arrears with Telkom, and R2m on Government's historic arrears;

In July 2001 I left for Discovery, and joined them as a Portfolio Administrator. I received a new achiever of the year in January, as I had managed to keep my portfolio, below the required absolute age analysis of 1% of the contribution value, and actually my portfolio remained at 0.001% since I acquired it in September 2001.

In 2003, Medscheme, called me back, as a Credit Control Manager. With the expertise I acquired form Discovery, through their core values, which I still embrace today, I managed to influence the way things were done in the business, and thus achieved the best for the team.

In all the values of Discovery, which I still embrace to date, these two influenced me strongly and I am still passionate about them; "Liberating the Best in People, and Sense of Urgency and drive. I am proud to say, not only did I became influencial in the team, but created lasting relationships in the team.

In November 2005, I was approached by two Administrators, Sizwe and Metropolitan Health Group, and didn't get the position in Sizwe, because I was open about my persuing the career in the Maritime Industry, however, MHG accepted the risk.

I wasn't aware that I was joining the team, that will be dealing with the new baby on board (Gevernment Employees Medical Scheme, GEMS. I was excited, because I had the dream of being part of the team, since 2002 when the rumours of the Scheme started.

I joined MHG team in April 2006, as a Premiums Manager. At that time, my functions were broad as the Scheme was very small. I handled Premium Management, Membership, and Accoounts. Membership is now a fully fledged department and has been handed over to a new manager who joined in December 2006, when membership was 55 471.

The business unit's environment is very volatile and dynamic and needs one's ability to take quick decisions and risks. We are getting more creative ways of dealing with rapid changes, and maintaining the cool in the team, whilst delevering the best to our client and the members.


B.Com (Univeristy of the western Cape)

B.Phil - Maritime Studies (Univerity of Stellenbosch)





Contribitions and Debt Management


Cape Town, Western Cape,
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