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port engineer


manage the preventive maintenance and docking plain of vessels,evaluation of suppliers relating to sevice and spare parts,establish inventory ,to establish inventory level for all spar parts and equipment and keep these levels up date and ensure that staff follows inventory closely with the representative from various classification socities and governing,motivate ships personnel and encourage teamwork and improvement,to prepare and control yearly financial budget for vessels.


*senior plant superintendent-2005 untill now

*marine chief engineer (on board the dredger)-1996-2005

*marine chief engineer (on board the merchant skip)1986-1996

*cadet engineer 1981-1983


phase 1 base studies marine engineer section in june 1980 from arab academy for science and technology and maritime transport in egypt -alexandria

marine engineer in april 1984

chief engineer in april 1991


management lvel on may 2001

prevention and comating of marine pollution

ISM internal auditor(bureau veritas)

jotun paint(corrosion and paint technology,steel preparation

hydraulics and hydraulic installatons by hytop on holland.

diesel engine course wartsilaW38 zwolle holland.


welding and material analysis

supervision for building new vessels


cairo, egypy,
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