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Port Engineer


Port Engineer


Maintenance Officer 2007 - Present

Naval Engineering Support Unit Boston, MA

•Develop and manage a $2.4M annual budget, securing additional $450K for maintenance

•Created milestone tracking system for depot availabilities (coordinate 18 annually)

•Manage and perform on-site validation of Cummins Intermediate Engine Repair Contract

•Oversee and enforce 47’ motor lifeboat requirements contract

•Assigned to Reliability Centered Maintenance (working group team member)

•Team Member, Cutter Class Maintenance Review Board

Engineer Officer / Damage Control Officer 2005 - 2007

Coast Guard Cutter Eagle New London, CT

•Managed the operation and maintenance of main propulsion, auxiliary machinery, piping systems, electric power generators and distribution systems, hull repair and habitability

•Established and maintained effective damage control organization and training program

•Managed $50K emergency repairs to main mast in Edinburgh, Scotland (2005)

•Managed $1.2M dockside availability (2005)

•Secured additional $800K annual funding and developed long-term hull sustainment plan

•Developed $2.3M dry dock specification (2007)

Maintenance Team Coordinator 2001 - 2005

Naval Engineering Support Unit Boston, MA

•Managed 5 Maintenance Augmentation Teams (MAT) servicing 11 charter vessels (ME to NJ)

•Provided critical repair work for all visiting vessels

•Managed and evaluated 77 personnel

•Planned and managed NE region $68K annual preventative and corrective maintenance

•Managed $750K inventory (no discrepancies noted during 2004-05 compliance inspections)

•Managed post 9/11 engineering support teams (14,000+ labor hours in 6-week period)

•Coordinated conversion of MAT Bayonne, NJ and Portland, ME to Cutter Support Teams and relocation of MAT New Bedford, MA to Kittery, ME

•Managed Morro Bay $525 dry dock availability, with additional $210K approved recommendations and Eagle $120K, Tahoma $100K dockside availabilities

Main Propulsion Assistant 1998 – 2001

Coast Guard Cutter Seneca Boston, MA

•Manage the operation and maintenance of main propulsion and electric power generators/distribution systems

•Supervised all preventative, planned and corrective major maintenance items

•Established and maintained effective engineering casualty control response teams

•Managed $79K annual budget

•Supervised 17 personnel

•Named Senior Qualified Engineering Watch Officer

•Coordinated the training/qualifications of all engineering watch standers

•Assisted with all dry dock preparations


1978 Graduate of Holyoke High School, Holyoke, MA

Continuing Education:

Earned 51 credits towards an AS in Administrative Studies

Earned 48 credits towards a BS in Business Administration


Engineering Depot Maintenance Management

Hydraulic Systems and Equipment

Engineering Procurement Management

Hazardous Waste Management

Engineering Administration (afloat/ashore)

Port Engineer Training

Caterpillar 3500 Diesel Engine Maintenance

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Fairbanks Morse 3800 Diesel Engine Maintenance

Shipyard Competent Person


Coast Guard Gas Free Engineer

Contracting Officer Representative


Repairing/Troubleshooting Equipment

Establishing Work Schedules

Determining Maintenance/Repair Projects

Accurate Record Keeping

Evaluating Vendor Bid Packages

Inspecting Facilities

Procuring Stock / Inventory Control

Managing & Adhering to Budgets

Preventative Maintenance/Refurbishment

Supervising Technicians

Conducting Performance Evaluations

Coordinating Repairs/Preparing Work List

Supervising Mechanical Overhauls

Adherence to Electrical Safety Procedures


30+ years of engineering experience with 15 years in supervisory positions

•Skilled in maintaining, troubleshooting and repair of propulsion and electrical equipment

•Accomplished at overseeing capital projects, maintenance plans and funding requests

•Adept at developing dry-dock specifications and shipyard bid packages

Pocasset, MA,
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