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Shoreside Operations

NATIONALITY:                      Indian

PRESENT POSITION:           Marine Consultant


Acted as Marine Warranty Surveyor/Marine Representative/Client Representative for various offshore installation and remedial works including subsea pipelay, beach pulls, cable lay, heavy lifts, jacket/topside installations, riser & J tube installations, removal and installation of SBM, load outs, sailaways, towages, jack up rig moves, DP operations and CMID/Suitability surveys.

I have successfully executed various offshore installation projects as MWS, Marine Representative and as Client representative for Maersk Oil Qatar, Shell Qatar, Qatar Gas, Exxon Mobil, Total, Qatar Petroleum, British Petroleum, Dubai Petroleum, Chevron, ADMA, ZADCO, Reliance industries and ONGC.

I have acted as MWS/Client Representative for numerous rig moves for NDC, Total and QPD both offshore in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Deputed as MWS for the Dolphin Energy Project, the job entailed inspection of 42” pipes through various stages of coatings such as FBE, Liquid Polymer coating and CWC coatings at Punj & Sons in Kandla, India. The job further entailed inspection of vessels for load outs, stowage, lashing and transportation of the said cargo from Kandla, India to Doha, Qatar. 

Acted as Port Captain to various ports of the world to survey, expedite loading/discharging operations of steel cargoes, modules, heavy lifts, bulk and breakbulk cargoes. Arranging of stevedoring, transportation and overlooking bagging operations in East Africa including agency work. Subsequently handled post charter fixtures at the London Office in HSM and undertook a number of P&I surveys and damage/claim investigations.  

Command experience of 15 years on various types and size of merchant vessels, followed by three years as Marine Superintendent and subsequently served 12 years in the offshore industry.


  • Master Mariner Unlimited STCW 95
  • Rig move course
  • Auditor of ISO/ISM quality and safety management systems
  • Basic Offshore, fire fighting and sea survival
  • HUET
  • Radar, ARPA and Navigation simulator
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids
  • Radar Observer
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Proficiency In Survival Craft
  • Ship Captain’s Medicare
  • Specialized Tanker Safety and Inert Gas Systems
  • Crude Oil Washing systems
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • facility and Security
  • Defence Course
  • Pre-Engineering


2008 to 2017               Senior Marine Consultant with London Offshore Consultants.

  • Acted as MWS for midline tie in of 42” pipeline and jacket installations on behalf of GASCO in Ghasha Field offshore Abu Dhabi

  • Acted as MWS for a total of 161 jack up rig moves on behalf of NDC, Abu Dhabi, QPD and TOTAL Qatar

  • Acted as Marine representative for Bunduq Oil Company Limited involving inspection of DLS 4200, PLB 648 and several AHTs including start up and lay down of pipe line, rig moves in Umm Lulu field, offshore Abu Dhabi

  • Acted as MWS for float off and wet towage of jack up barge JB 118 from HLV Xia Zhi Yuan 6 offshore, Abu Dhabi and then move to Adyard in Musaffah

  • Acted as P&I Representative for repair of composite cable on DPV “Topaz Commander” at Al Khaleej Gas 2 field, offshore Qatar

  • Acted as MWS for SARB Project for installation of ZFP1 jacket off Zirku Island

  • Acted as MWS for float off and wet towage of jack up barge “Jopetwill 300” offshore Abu Dhabi and then move to CCTC Jetty, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi

  • Acted as Marine Client Representative for QPD on barge “King Fish” for several moves in Karkara field, offshore Qatar

  • Acted as ZADCO Client Representative for composite cable installation on DPV “Bourbon Argos” in UAD field, offshore Abu Dhabi

  • Acted as MWS for NPCC for sail away of several newly constructed cargo barges from Pipavav in Gujrat, India to Musaffah in Abu Dhabi

  • Acted as MOQ Client Representative on DLB “Maridive Constructor 300” for installation of 24” WI P/L between ASBG and ASCD and installation of several risers and J tubes, Offshore Doha

  • Acted as MWS for load out and sail away of several jackets, topsides, conductor piles and loose equipment on behalf of L&T  at MFF Hazira site, Surat in Gujrat, India

  • Acted as Marine Client representative on behalf of ZADCO for lay of 12” flexible pipeline from Zirku Island (beach pull) with termination at ZWDP

  • Acted as Marine Client representative for Bunduq Company Limited on DSV during various pipeline inspection

  • Acted as MWS for ONGC development of WO 16 Cluster and SB 14 at Bombay High for installation of 3 nos. jackets and 3 nos. top sides

  • Acted as Marine Client representative on behalf of ZADCO for the Sattah project, offshore Abu Dhabi during installation of subsea pipelines, critical phases of pipe lay, installation of 5 nos. risers and 3 nos. J tubes at PMP on the DLB 1000 and DLB 750

  • Acted as MWS for the Sattah project development, offshore Abu Dhabi during beach pull at Zirku Island and subsequent pipe lay at start up and lay down from various well head platforms on the DLB 750

  • Acted as MWS for numerous load outs and sailaways of jackets and topsides from NPCC base, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi
    • Acted as MWS on the NPCC barge DLB 1000 for repair of pipelines, including inspections for the entire spread of vessels deployed. Monitored operations at the offshore field, off Qatar.
    • Acted as MWS for Shell Qatar on the JRM barge KP1 for pipe lay. Later acted as MWS for Shell Qatar on the semi submersible JRM barge DB 101 for the riser installation at Pearl 1. Monitored operations at North field, off .
    • Acted as MWS for Maersk Oil Qatar on the NPCC barge 648, for lay of oil, gas and water injection pipelines of varied sizes between various platforms a total of 18 no.’s in the Al Shaheen field, block development plan 2005 for one and a half years including cable lay operations. In addition to pipe lay warranty work, the work entailed frequent inspection of the vessels included in the mooring spread, associated tugs, DP vessels and supply vessels. Monitored operations.
    • Acted as MWS on the NPCC barge DLB 1000 for installation of decks on the ONGC (C) series platforms in the Tapti field in . Attended to inspection of AHTs and supply vessels deployed in the field.
    • Acted as MWS for Qatar Gas on the JRM barge KP1 for beach pull in of 38" oil pipelines at Ras Laffan, off and subsequent Dolphin crossing. Monitored operations.
    • Acted as MWS on behalf of Exxon Mobil on c/s Etisalat for lay of power and fibre optic cables between various platforms and back to Ras Laffan in Qatar. Monitored operations.
    • Acted as MWS for Koniambo Nickel project for load out and sailaway of assorted heavy lifts from Karikal and on Beluga Firmament.
    • Acted as MWS for Acergy to conduct suitability survey of the associated spread of vessels followed by removal of old and installation of new SPM2 buoy on DP 2 vessel Mermaid Siam at Al Shaheen Field, off Qatar.
    • Acted as MWS for Shell Qatar to conduct suitability survey for JRM barge DB27, several AHTs and supply vessel at .
    • Acted as MWS on behalf of Koniambo Nickel project for load out and sailaway of heavy lifts on Se Potentia from .
    • CMID inspection for WesternGeco survey vessel Western Pride and support vessel for induction into Qatar Gas off .
    • Acted as marine representative at Bunduq field for marine operations including diving inspections and vessel positioning.
    • Numerous vessel surveys including tugs/AHTs/Supply/DSV/Heavy Lift/Lay barges/dumb barges.

2005 to 2008               Marine Consultant

  • Acted as MWS to carry out suitability survey on UIB and witness beach pull in including lay of type O umbilical for Reliance industries at Dhirubai 1 & 3 gas fields in Kakinada, India.

  • Represented Dubai Petroleum Company as Marine Superintendent for suitability surveys of drill vessels, AHTS, DPVs and witness bore hole drilling at Fateh oil field, off Dubai.

  • Acted as MWS for BP on the Derrick Barge Azerbaijan for subsea remedial repairs on the Chirag 1 BP platform off Baku, Azerbajaan. The work entailed the entire gamut of marine related activities on the DBA, mooring spread, associated tugs and supply vessels. Monitored operations.

  • Acted as Marine warranty surveyor to attend Dolphin Energy Oil / Gas Project for inspection of 36” and 48” pipes from bare metal stage through various stages of grit blasting, anti corrosive/fouling coating, FBE, liquid polymer coating, CWC coating. Witnessed assorted test in the laboratory. Pre-inspection of vessels, preparing stowage plans, cargo stowage and lashing of cargo in Kandla, India.

  • Acted as MWS for Kharg Island Gas Gathering and NGL Recovery Project, off Bushehr Iran. The job entailed inspection of barges, making of stowage plans, loadouts of 42” P/L, construction materials, jackets, topsides, securing and lashing on a total of 78 barges for sailing from Busher to Kharg Island.

  • Conducted numerous surveys/inspection of derrick lay barges, jack up rigs, tugs and dumb barges including their towing arrangements.  Several IMCA audits to credit for Shell and BP.

  • Conducted marine warranty surveys for numerous load outs of heavy project cargoes for companies like Chevron, and BP from Mumbai.

1987 to 2005               Worked as Commercial Manager and Assistant Operation Manager for a fleet comprising of 27 vessels. The job required follow up of post chartering fixtures, repairs / maintenance and dry docking of vessels. Attended to P&I claims. I have served on board Tankers, Product carriers, OBO, Bulk carriers, Multi -purpose vessels and General cargo vessels. I have sailed as Master for 15 years on world - wide trade. I was deputed as Port Captain to various ports of the world to expedite and attend to cargo operation, carry out audits of vessels including agency follow up for Holbud Ship Management, London.

1983 to 1986               Served as Chief Officer on OBOs, Product carriers, Bulk carriers in Great Eastern Shipping Co.

                                    Large experience in tank washing procedures and conversions from oil to grain including various oil grade conversions.

1980 to 1982               Served as Third and Second Officer on board Crude tankers, Product carriers, OBOs and Bulk carriers in Great Eastern Shipping Co.

1976 to 1979               Merchant Navy: Cadet aboard Crude tankers, OBO, Bulk carriers. Great Eastern Shipping Co. Won best cadet award.

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