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Port captain


Prepare vessel call and supervise loading and discharge operations.

Maintain daily and direct contact with all parties, relevant to current and future shipments.

Participate in centralized communication between vessel and head operation center.

Provide daily progress report and inform concerned parties of vessel ETA, departure and ETA next port.

Maintain daily contact with all relevant authorities, port, customs and agents.

Provide summarized report upon vessel completion and departure.

Attend all local meetings related to logistics activity and report to operations management.

As head of sub office, supervise and activate all staff.


For United nations World Food programme shipping services:

Served UN WFPSS from 10th March 2006 until 10th Nov 2006. AS a port captain was deployed in the following Indonesian ports to carryout operations as Charterers.





Banda aceh

Commenced sailing from the year 1991 till 2004

Worked in various ascending capacities from Deck cadet to Master on various general cargo , dry bulk , container and tankers , trading worldwide.

Sailed in the senior capacity as a Master and Chief Officer for 5 years during which have handled various types of cargoes.

For the past 2 years have carried out Port captaincy work under CCSPL, Mumbai India, around the Indian coast and the Middle East for various shipping companies.

As a port captain was involved in the loading and discharging operations of various types of cargoes with a view to expedite and reduce exposure to claims , for the cargo as well as the vessel.

Hold adequate experience in dealing with problems related to cargo, ship business,chartering, and allied areas in modern day shipping.

Besides working as a port captain, in the free time have been a visiting faculty at various training institutes in Chennai giving lectures on topics like cargo handling port operations and shipping Logistics.



Certificate of competency as Master FG from Govt of India

MBA in shipping and port management


In Colombo (Sri Lanka):

Carried out port captaincy for Mar-trade group (Denmark) on a handy-max bulk carrier.

Vessel was discharging steel coils under rainy conditions. It was of utmost importance to protect the cargo from rains, at the same time expedite the discharging operations.

Also the vessel was expected to discharge a part cargo in Haldia (India), where there were draft restrictions.

All operations, documentations were carried out smoothly, and vessel sailed out of Colombo in time to Haldia with required draft.

In Jebel Ali (U.A.E):

Carried out port captaincy for “The Rice company” (TRC California , USA).

The mother vessel suffered damage while carrying Rice in bulk. The receivers in Iraq rejected the entire cargo claiming damage.

The vessel was brought to Jebel ali where, the entire cargo was converted to “Bagged Rice” and reloaded in one other vessel safely back to Umm- Qasir.

My job was to protect the interest of Shipper “The rice company” and cover him from all corners. (Viz ..The ship owner , cargo under writer , performance underwriters, and other interested parties).

The entire job was carried out to the satisfaction of the TRC . Final report with supporting photographs was prepared and sent.

In Chennai (India):

Attended a bulk carrier in chennai lightering iron ore and proceeding to Chittagong.The inexperienced phillipino crew were encountering problems to obtain the required even keel draft prior to sailing.The problem was solved with ease and the vessel sailed out in time without any delays.


Recent experiences:

In korea

Attended a vessel discharging steel slabs and coils in Korea ( 4 ports ). The objective was to create a quick turn around . On Feb 4th 2007, the charterers (Western bulk Norway) insisted that vessel to be available for next employment before Korean new year (Feb 17th 2007 ). With efficient coordination with Master (Chinese), agents, cargo receivers, and stevedoring companies , the vessel sailed out of the last port of discharge on 16th Feb 2007. (Notwithstanding the fact that the vessel had numerous problems with her cranes)

In Penang ( Malaysia)

On 20th Feb 2007 attended a vessel in Penang (Malaysia) discharging metal scarp loaded in USA. The objective was to protect the charterers from unreasonable claims towards damages to the vessel’s hull by the stevedores during discharging. The vessel had Chinese crew and the receiver’s (The southern steel company ) had 4 vessel’s at same to take care. Therefore the berth allocation, the trucks, the bins used for transportation, the warehousing, all needed to be geared up to required pace. The vessel did sail out in 10 days after all the aspects were taken care.

Chennai, Tamilnadu,
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