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Shoreside Operations




  • 7+ years of expertise in Port & Container Terminal operations.
    • Demonstrated the activities carried out at port & container terminal in a safe & efficient manner.
    • Highly skilled in all components of Port operations [hands on experience under various roles & responsibilities].
    • Experienced in working with multifaceted global teams across different countries.
    • Successfully served in IRAQ, Ports & supported almost every major line of the world.
    • Excellent in communication, quick learner, IT literate, possesses good problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Proven track record as a successful individual and also a best fit team player in the field of Port management




Vessel Operations Manager / Vessel Planner - Ga za l Logistics Se rvices & W arehousing Co.

J a n u a r y 2 0 10 - t i l l N O W

  • Responsible for planning where ships are to berth and the number of port operatives required to load and unload it safely and timely.
  • Initiate communication with agent/central planning office in order to obtain vessel particulars as per the SOP.
  • Coordinate with Operation, Input and agent to confirm accuracy of date available in the system.
  • Approve each vessel plan and ensure that it’s also approved by agent & the chief office at least four hours before the vessel berth.
    • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the vessel planners.
      • Ensure that the vessel planning staff maximizes optimizations opportunities in the crane plan for.
      • Ensure that the planning action Guide line is religiously followAnalyze risks and opportunities.
      • Ensure that the vessel departure data is accurate and dispatcher have carried out their assigned checks.
    • Understand Quay design and its impact on operational efficiency.
      • Assist in improving quay utilization by analyzing occupancy, vessel waiting time and related stowage planning factors while planning and managing quay utilization.Work with the Project Manager to eliminate blockers.
      • Explain loading and discharge strategy for cellular and non-cellular vessel to team member.
      • Ensure relevant documents related to operations like color sheet, Bay plans, and sequence sheet, are prepared for hatch foreman, tally clerk.
      • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans  and reports.
      • Assess impact of yard congestion or equipment breakdown on vessel operation and recommend necessary change of vessel/Bay plan.
      • Ensure vessel work program is monitored and modified based on planned and real-time information i.e. availability of equipment and resources.
      • Ensure strict adherence with defined timeline for acceptance of containers to be loaded on vessel.
  • Propose areas for operational improvement, system automation and up gradation assist in performing periodical schedule performance review with reporting personal.
  • Maintain safety and proficient operation at container vessel operation.
  • Prepare vessel departure report of each and vessel and report it to line carried authorities.
  • Prepare Terminal Production report (TPR) and submit it to the line and Terminal Manager
  • Manage daily operations per agreed operating principles of the business relationship with customers.
  • Minimized the terminal equipment’s usage on daily basis depending on the working scenario.
  • Monitored the arrangement of the containers on the vessel & from yard.
  • Supervised daily terminal inner/ outer activities.
  • Setup a good environment and communication within the team, motivated the team to maximize potential.
  • Perform all other duties that maybe requested by the Terminal Manager

Camp Manager - Ga zal Lo gist ics Se rvices & W arehousing Co. U S Military Base, Iraq


D e c e m b e r 20 06 – N o v e m b e r 2 0 09


  • Liaison between MCR and Gazal Headquarters. Reports and Maintenance Perform and handling any Camp Issues.
  • Attend weekly basis meeting with US Army headquarter (MCR) personal regarding logistic moment issues due convoy issues.Perform all other duties that maybe requested by the Head Manager
  • Working on U S military base online system to generate LOA(LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION) for company staff working on U S Military base.

Taylors International Services Inc. – Camp Black Water Green Zone Baghdad, Iraq


  • Warehouse Supervisor - January 01, 2006 TO November 2009

First Kuwait Trading & Contracting Co. – U S Embassy Green Zone Baghdad, Iraq


  • Movement Control Supervisor - January, 2003 TO December 2005




  • Port & Container Terminal Operations
  • Yard & Vessel Planning & Operations
  • Vessel Boarding & Sealing
  • Gates In/Out Controlling
  • Vessel Clearance from Custom/Immigration etc.
  • Documentation (Import/Export)
  • Container grounding/examination/line wise stacking
  • Monitoring Traffic Flow in Yard
  • Staff Mgmt. Including STS, RTS and MTY
  • TOS, Other Software’s


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