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Pilot / Mooring Master

Vessel Operations


Date and place of birth: 27.01.1963 - Dermantsi, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Marital status: Married

            Operations                                   Management                                 Expertise

-Monitoring entire FPSO activities    - Leadership and authority                 - Good ship handling capabilities

-Prepare daily and monthly reports   - Good management skills              - Effective team work

-Ensure safe and effective operation    - Good stress management ability  - Outstanding problem solver

-Planning and scheduling                  - Coordination and supervision     - Emergency head coordinator

-Product Data Management System   - Human resource management     - Supervising HSQE system

-Day to day logistic activities            - Diplomatic                                   - Implementing local regulati

Work Experience :

       -   May 2010 – Dec 2016: Pilot ( Mooring Master ) on Block 17 , Angola

Main activity and responsibilities: Overall in charge for all FPSO mooring and unmooring activities on SBM or in TANDEM. In charge of all safety, security and oil pollution prevention matters with respect to crew and equipment on board loading tankers. In charge of preparing cargo documents, communication with all parties concerned and logistic. Managing all cargo operations, loading and discharging, logistic, crew related matters. Monitoring of all mooring equipment on SBM and FPSO. Regularly review and monitor compliance with safe work systems and maintenance procedures. Supervising the preparation of Work Permits and supervise the job.

Offloading Records: available upon request of over 280 tankers made without any claims from the Clients.

-    Mar 2007 – May 2010: Loading Master / Pilot during SIMOPSES on FPSO Dalia , Block 17 , Angola

Main activity and responsibilities: Supervise all cargo operations, loading and discharging of crude, crude oil washing, tank cleaning, and all associated maintenance of cargo equipment. In charge of all cargo calculations, loading and offloading documents. Supervising the preparation of Work Permits and supervise the job.

-    Sep 2004 – Mar 2007: Three years in total as Ch.Officer on board VLCC Pacific Lagoon at Euronav Ship Management SAS.

Main activity and responsibilities: Overall responsible for all shipboard activities. Implementing Safety, Environment Protection, Health and D&A Policies of the company. Verify that specified requirements are observed. Review of Safety Management System and reporting the deficiencies. Overall responsible for the complete familiarisation process.

-    Apr 2002 –Apr 2004: Ch Officer of FSO INTAN,Indonesia

-    Dec 1998 – Nov 2001: Loading Master & cargo control room operator at FSO Lombo Este ,Angola

Personal Skills and Competences:

  • Efficiently manage health, safety and welfare of all personnel on board
  • Ability to plan and manage time effectively
  • Excellent organisational and administrative skills
  • Very responsible, ambitious and hard worker
  • Experience in working with people from different nationality
  • Trained and able to work in a team
  • Good international communication skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Enthusiastic, eager for challenges
  • Curious and open minded
  • Energetic and creative
  • Friendly and flexible
  • Dedicated team player
  • Quick to accept new responsibilities

Language proficiency:

  • English (verbal, writing and reading)- Excellent
  • Russian (verbal, writing and reading)- Excellent


1983 – 1988: Master degree in Navigation and Cargo handling at Naval Academy – Varna, Bulgaria.

Principal skills developed/occupational subjects: navigation, cargo handling, ship’s equipment.

1978 – 1982: Marine High School – Varna, Bulgaria.

Principal skills developed/occupational subjects: navigation, cargo handling, ship’s equipment.

Training and certificates:

  • Master Unlimited over 3000GT as per STCW
  • BOSIET (OPITO approved)
  • Simulator Training for Tandem Mooring – 2006,2012,2015
  • Advance training in Oil Tanker operations
  • Advance fire fighting training
  • Proficiency in medical care
  • Personal safety and social responsibility
  • Proficiency in rescue boat and survival craft
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • SSO – ship security officer
  • BWM – ballast water management
  • Ship’s Handling
  • Bridge Team Management
  • GMDSS Operator
  • Crude Oil Washing
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Basic H2S training
  • AIS – automatic identification system
  • Safety & Environmental Awareness Course
  • International Vaccination against Yellow fever
  • Angolian VISA till Oct 2017

Hobbies and activities: tennis, reading books, music

: Excellent references available upon request.

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