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Painting/Coating/Insulation/PFP & TSA Inspector


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Areas of expertise comprise the following:

Project Planning and Development, Coordinate QA/QC inspections and trouble shoot technical problems, Onshore Construction Projects, Offshore Maintenance program, Fireproofing Coatings, Powder Coatings (FBE), Internal Rubber Lining & Ceramic coatings, Coat & Wrap, and insulation.


Secondray school




CSWIP/BGAS certified coating inspector with more then 30 years of Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore experience; working in all environments with good organizational skills. Expert at problem-resolution and planning and managing projects from inception through project completion.


Develop construction painting team through coaching and generating ideas with the PMT QA/QC team, Construction Manager, colleagues painting department, and yard fabrication teams (Piping/Electrical and structural), so all painting work can “do it once only”.

Coating experienced on project such as Ceramic Coating (internal & external), Powder Coating, Fusion Bond Epoxy, Glass Flake (internal & external), Passive Fire Proofing (M90), Chartek PFP, Inorganic/Organic, Tank Lining (internal), Polyspec Floor Coating, Polyurethane, Fiberglass Lining (internal), Rubber lining (internal), Phenolic Epoxy Coatings (internal & enternal), high heat coating(Polysiloxane) and Hot/Cold insulation

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