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Painting Supervisor

Superintendent / Foreman

Certified Coating Inspector

  • FROSIO Level 3 No. 9831 acquired last December 2014 at Singapore, Singapore.
  • NACE CIP Level 2 No. 28467 acquired last September 2010 at Singapore, Singapore.
  • NACE CIP Level 1 No. 28467 acquired last July 2010 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Strong technical background with hands on experience on both coating, lining (Paint Brush/Roller and Spray Painting) and surface treatment (Hand/Power Tooling and Blasting) related activities from inspections, destructive and non-destructive testing. Able to interpret different types of Coating Systems and Selections, its key functions and thermal resistivity.

Strong technical background in Cathodic Protection (ICCP, Sacrificial Anodes and Material Selection).

Working experience in Performance Standard in Protective Coating PSPC (Marine)

Working experience in Oil & Gas refinery’ corrosion protection, Upstream/Downstream from flow line to trunk line – from wellsite to processing plant

Working Experience in wet painting – Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Alkyds, Acrylics, Vinyl Esters, Polysiloxane/ Phenolic and Anti-Fouling.

Working experience with Spray Metallizing (TSA/TSZ), Powder Coating, Field Joint Coatings (HSS, 3LPP/3LPPE and Tape Wrapping) and Galvanizing.

Working Experience with Acoustic, Hot, Cold Insulation works and Passive Fire Protection (Intumescent Epoxy Coating and Concrete Coating).

Working experience in Concrete Painting from degradation protection to cosmetic applications.

The ability to interpret and carry-out International Standards, Engineering Documents and QA/QC jobs as per project requirement.

The ability to conduct hands-on and theoretical trainings and be able to communicate easily to experienced and non-experienced personnel regarding corrosion protection (Marine, Oil and Gas) to produce a good quality output and achieve a project’s completion date with a client’s satisfaction.

Technical knowledge on Pipe Constructions, Structural, Welding Technology with actual working experience.

Technical background in Mechanical, Civil and Process Engineering (Marine, Oil and Gas) from construction, operation and maintenance.

A “can do” professional which can execute work with lesser supervision and complete an on-time task as what is required.

Supervisory level and experienced in managing multinational personnel with excellent communication skills, the ability to easily convey information in executing the work in order.

Health, Safety and Environmental oriented

  • Competent Safety and Health Supervision Training
  • Work At Height Safety Training Program

Strong background and intensive working experience in computer literacy as a tool for reporting, documenting and in-house production scheduler – Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power point and Access)

Strong knowledge background in computer aided designs CAD software and interpretation on CAD base drawings. 

  • NACE Level 2 Jan 2017
  • FROSIO Level 3 Dec 2014
Toledo, Cebu,
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