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Project Engineering / Project Management

Dear Si/Madam,

I recently came across on your website and am very enthusiastic about the possibility for a future collaboration

I have a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University “Dunarea de Jos Galati” Romania – Mechanical Faculty and I have more than 10 years of experience working in this field in several different organizations.

I am familiar with planning, designing and installing equipment and machinery in an engineering environment as well as in HVAC in accommodation and technical spaces using Novenco an Aeron standard, sanitary discharge, sanitary supply, carpentry works, insulation jobs, windows, doors etc. I am fully computer literate and familiar with all the type of precision instruments I am likely to use. 

I have excellent interpersonal skills and good communication skills. I am a great multi-tasker, communicate well with fellow engineers and supervisors, and am dedicated to my career. This stands me in good stead working in a team environment, as well as when communicating with clients to better understand and to help interpret their needs at a project level.  

I feel certain that my proven ability to manage and maintain the highest standards 
and I'm confident that will be of the greatest benefit for company and I have confidence that I can make a significant contribution.

Enclosed is my resume, which provides a more in-depth view of my qualifications and expertise.

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