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To obtain contract or full-time, permanent work from within the U.S.A.


Marek Kurant is an O.S. Seaman/Motorman who is seeking a position that is


> out of the United States. He currently resides in Poland and obtains his

> employment contracts from there.


> Marek has left me with copies of his documentation and experience, and I am

> working to assist him in reaching his endeavors from within the United States.

> Any opportunities, suggestions, or contacts you could provide us with would be

> most genuinely appreciated. Whether they are for specific job opportunities

> themselves, labor unions, names of privately-held organizations, or any other

> leads specializing in this arena, would be appreciated beyond measure.


> If you would like to review Marek's documentation, personally, please advise,

> and I will send them to you promptly. I may be reached at 312-634-4717 or

> 708-923-1029.


> Thank you, in advance, for your serious consideration of Marek Kurant, as well

> as your assistance in helping him to achieve his goals.


> I believe Marek would be willing to explore various opportunities including

> on-shore/off-shore ones, contracts via third parties, as well as direct and

> permanent, full-time employment.


> Marek's documents speak for themselves in terms of his ability to be employed

> across the globe, as well as his experience. If you know of anyone that may


> able to assist him in reaching his endeavors, please feel free to forward this

> information on to them.


> Respectfully, sincerely, and hopeful for your consideration and assistance,



> Monica Wiatr

> (on behalf of Marek Kurant)





O.S. Seaman Certifications / Motorman


Maintenance and repair of large motors on Cargo and other large ships.


Worth, IL,
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