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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

To navigate, and assist as a crew member in a vessel’s operations
is just one of many responsibilities of a seafarer. As I experienced my OJT
(On  Job Training), I realized that
being  a seafarer is not a joke. By
simply stepping into the ship, comes a small chance of it sinking, along with
us in it, With every task ordered, comes with a “Safety First” to avoid
damages, injuries, and people say, ‘disasters’ I learned how to steer a ship,
dock and undock a vessel. I’d also learned that to be ‘well-mannered’ in the
ship is a must, as well as being patient and adaptable, or ‘flexible’ as there
will always be different types of people that will encountered .For me, my
experience  of being a seafarer is just a
start. I realized that I still have much more to learn and I am more than
willing to do so. Butt learn and I am more than willing to do so. But, that
doesn’t mean that I’m ignorant, nor clueless about the things around me- I saw
this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge, gain new experience face new challenges
and learn new responsibilities. This became the ‘kick-start’ that I know, will
someday help me as I fulfill my dreams.”

  • BSMT
    College Degree at Our Lady Of Fatima University
    2011 - 2016
Pulilan, Bulacan,
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