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Ordinary Seamen


Looking for opportunities as a Ordinary Seamen which will help me grow professionally.

Versatile and hardworking, I strive to exceed expectations.

Effective inter personal skills help me work well as a team member. At the same time, capable of working independently.

Believe in learning new things every day so as to gain skills that benefit the organization I work for, me as an individual and society as a whole.


Name of Vessel Comp. Type of Vessel N.R.T

MT Symphony N.S.S Tanker 1018 2101

O.S from 18/07/03 to 28/06/2004

Name of Vessel Comp. Type of Vessel N.R.T G.R.T

R/P Merdif-1 M.S Passenger 7417 18858 O.S from 03/07/08 to 01/04/2009


Completed the 10th Grade with first class from GHS Mangalpadi, Kasarkode, Upalla, Kerala


Course Cert. No. Date of Issue Place of Issue

P.S.T 1188/PST/945/2001 13/01/2001 Mumbai

E.F.A 1188/EFA/416/2001 11/01/2001 Mumbai

P.S.S.R 1188/PSSR/433/2001 10/01/2001 Mumbai

F.P.F.F 010965 17/01/2001 Mumbai

O.T.F SMI/OTF/1170/2005 18/03/2005 Mumbai

D.C Endorse M/O/1/D/05/27964 07/04/2005 Mumbai

L.G.T.F BPMA/LGT/186/2005 01/04/2005 Mumbai

D.C. Endorse M.G.1/D/05/28449 20/04/2005 Mumbai

Navigation Watch NW/1876/2005 14/06/2005 Mumbai


An ordinary seaman comes on board to learn ship's maintenance, painting, cleaning, knot-making, watch-standing duties, tying down the ship, rigging, lookout responsibilities and other types of seamanship. He is also responsible for ferrying materials and the liberty launches.


Documents Numbers Date of Issue Place of Issue

Passport B3591881 07/07/2001 Kozhikode validity 06/07/2011

C.D.C Indian MUM96323 24/02/2003 Mumbai

validity 24/02/2012

Yellow Fever 32 31/12/2004 Mumbai

Indose 05CL004 04/01/2005 Mumbai

Sex : Male

Date of birth : 10th May, 1982

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Single

Education : SSLC passed

Languages : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada

Permanent Address : Latheef Manzil,

Kannambatty, Mulinja,

P.O. Uppala,

Kasargod – 671322


Tel# - 04998 243397

Bangalore, Karnataka,
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