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ordinary seaman or deckhand


i would like to do all the deck chores as assigned to me,for the betterness of the ship,company and myself as a whole.


from2005june to2006feb i worked aboard mv.alkmos as an ordinary seaman. doing all the paint jobs,cleaning,washing the deck&other maintenance jobs aboard ship.from april2006 to oct.2006 i worked ashore with mombasa cargo tally a tallyclerk,bayclerk and watchkeeper aboard vessels.on22nd of feb2007 i went to qatar for a security job to dec.2007 under the employment of i.s.c group gulf. am a seaman but due to non employment in kenya i end up working at shore regardless to my will. so please offer me this chance so that i could get more seatime experience so that i can go for further carriers/studies on maritime proffession.


primary and secondary education.acquired my school leaving certificates,hence i attained my o'level.


i jus own a certified kenyan seaman book&identity document.


as an ordinary seaman am good in paint jobs,secure cargo,stow cargo,care of ropes to avoid kinks and many more duties concerning the deck.


i would like to obtain a position as an ordinary seaman/deckhand aboard a vessel and receive additional training for a more advanced position.please grant me this chance whereas a vacant occurs.i promise to abide by all the rules,am young with a well built body,energetic and fast learner and focused.

dubai, united arab emirates,
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