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Ordinary Seaman

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I am new graduated ordinary seaman with an experience of 32 years on the sea as electrician board.

I decided to change my skill only because my eyes do not allow me to carry on as electrician board.

In February, 2017 I have graduated the ordinary seaman training course at Romanian Maritime Training Center “Ceronav” Constanta, including the basic training IMO courses as: Personal survival Techniques, Personal safety and social responsibilities on board ships, Basic fire-fighting, Elementary first aid, then Maritime English language training phrase vocabulary and Security awareness training & security training for seafarers with designated security duties.

I would like to start a new career along with my new qualification because I love this job, I like the new challenges, I like to work into a multinational crew this way being able to learn from other cultures experience as well as I will be able to improve my abilities, and I am sure I can face and fulfill all demands for this position.

  • Electrician Board 30 years by 2014
  • Ordinary Seaman 1 years by 1999
  • Electrician Board at Cardiff INC.
    2012 September - Feb 2013
    Electrician Board Ship
  • Electrician Board at Cardiff INC.
    2009 September - Jan 2010
    Electrician Board Ship
  • Ordinary Seaman at Al Medawar, Lebanon
    1997 May - Nov 1997
    Deck Hands
  • Ordinary Seaman
    Seaman Qualification Program at Romanian Maritime Training Center, CERONAV, Constanta
    Oct 2016 - Dec 2016
  • Electricia Board Ship
    Electric installations on board of the ships at Palas - Constanta
    1981 - 1983
  • Security awareness training & Security training for seafarers with designated security duties Jan 2017
  • Maritime English Language Training Jan 2017
  • Personal survival techniques Dec 2016
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities on board ships Dec 2016
  • Basic fire-fighting Dec 2016
  • Elementary first aid Dec 2016
  • Seaman Qualification Dec 2016
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