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Ordinary Seaman


Maintain an assigned cleaning station, cleans, chips, scraps, wire brushes, prime and/paint hull, bulkheads, decks, passage way, deck machinery, and spaces as directed. also operate vessel small boats during launch and recovery operation, assist Bosun in ground tackle, deck winch, and crane operation. Handle lines and rigging equipment, may assist AB working aloft. While working wwith science gear, works in conjuction with mate on match to ensure all science personel are in compliance with vessel safety standards.


Gantry Crane Operator April 1993- January 1999, Our work is to lift the concrete product and to arrange the product in different sizes. Our operation of the gantry crane to raise move place moves loads using all relevant crane movement and communication with riggers or dogers and other personel at the work site. My major achievments is being a member of barangay disaster and coordinating council fire fighting and rescue volunteer from october 2006 to the present.


Secondary Education:

Rizal Memorial Colleges

A pichon street davao city, Philippines

March 1987

College Education:

University of Mindanao

Bolton Street Davao City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical


March 1992


Certification of Complition: Mats College of Technology

Mats Training Center

Basic Safety Training (Regulation VI/1 of the 1978 SCTW

convention, as ammended in 1995)

Personal Survival Techniques (IMO Model course 1.19)

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (IMO Model Course 1.20)

Elementary First Aid (IMO Model Course 1.13)

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (IMO MOdel Course 1.13)


Crane Operator, Driving Light and Heavy Equipment


I have already my seamans book and passport

Davao city, Davao del Sur,
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