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Ordinary seaman , Able Bodied Seaman


I would like to Moor , Anchor , Clean , Preserve the ship .

The ship is maintain to be clean inport and out to sea .

All Liferafts , Lifejackets and all safety equipment is maintain prior to Underway .


My Past Employer was the US Navy . I served 20 years as a Boatswain Mate First Class .

I was Departmental 3M Assist , Ship Safety Program for Deck Department and Ship Respiratory Program Mananger . Also , I have Hazardous Material tech and Hazardous Material Leading Petty Officer .

I have 4 Navy Acheivement Medals for Refurshment of Spaces and Ceremonies .

The position that hel from a General Laborer , Supervisor , to Department Maintaince .


High School , Sunnyside High School , Tucson ,Az


Hazardous Material Tech

Safety Afloat Program

Ship's Respiratory Program

Brig Afloat Program .

First Aid ,CPR and active Response Team

Transportation Worker Identification card


Passport (Current)

Naval Certifcations which are listed above


Deck Department Leader to lead Seaman in various tasks from maintaince of Fuel Recievers , Liferafts , Lifejackets , abandonship Equipment . Launching and Recovering Boats from Cranes and Davits . From Accomodation Ladders to Brows. To assist in crew operations from Fire Fighting to Abandonship .To task all personnel in all tasks from cleaning the ship .


Deck Department goal to Maintain cleaninss and assist in all shipboard operations . Also to Stand watch on the Bridge from Helssman , Lee Helsman , Lookout and Boatswain Mate of the Watch . 25MM ,50. Caliber for First Defense protection of the ship . also , Quarterdeck watch form announe people coming onboard the ship . To Document every in Deck Logs while standing watch.

Security teams to protect the ship .

also maintaining Flight Deck Equipment for Flight Operations onboard ship . Flight Deck Firefighter .


USS SAN BERNARDINO (LST -1189)(Decommissioned) Deck Seaman -1988 -1992

USS FOX (CG-33) (Decommissioned) -Supply Petty Officer and Deck Supervisor -1992-1994

NAWS POINT , MUGU FIRST LT - Deck Supervisor -1994 -1997

USS HARRY W. HILL (DD-986)(Decommissioned) Deck Supervisor

1997 -1998

USS BOXER (LHD-4) - Hazardous Material Leading Petty Officer 1998 -2001

SWRMC SAN DIEGO MAINTENACE DEPARTMENT - Lead Assist of all Deck Maintenance -2001 - 2004

USS COMSTOCK(LSD-45) Departmental 3M Assistant ,Work Center Supervisor and Ship Safety Program and Respratory Manager


San Diego, CA,
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