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Operations Manager, HSE Manager, Master


Shore-based Assignments in the area of Chemical tanker operations or Health, safety and quality assurance.


§ Over 2.5 years shore based experience in maritime training.

§ Over 13 years of rich sea going experience in the Shipping industry with over 2 years as Captain on Chemical Tankers

§ Extensive experience in managing all aspects of vessel operation as the person in command. Have worked on diversified fleet of Chemical/product/crude tankers.

§ Knowledge in the areas of Safety management, Quality assurance and Training

§ In-depth knowledge of carriage and characteristics of different chemical/petroleum products.

§ Thorough knowledge of various statutory regulation and stipulations of International conventions in the areas of Maritime Law, Marine Insurance, Port & Clearance procedures

§ Ability to interact effectively with people of diverse nationalities and comfortable working in a multi-nationality setup.


§ Certified and endorsed as Master Mariner as per requirements of STCW’95 from the Govt. of UK


Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science, UK. Certificate of Competency: Class 1, deck, UK


· I had joined the India Steamship Co in 1992 as a Deck Cadet. I then attended the Indian Institute Of Port Management in 1993-94 and attained the certificate of competency as a Second Officer.

· From 1994-1997, I had worked in Chemical/Oil tankers as a Third Officer and Second Officer.

· In 1997-98, I attended the South Tyneside College in UK to attain the certificate of competency as a Chief Officer.

· From 1998-2002, I had worked as a Chief Officer in mainly chemical tankers and some product/crude carriers.

· In 2000, I attained my certificate of Competency as a Master from the South Tyneside College in UK.

· I got my command in June 2002 on a 13,000 MT DWT Chemical Tanker, which was trading in Gulf of Mexico.

· In 2003, I was called upon to the same ship after a very brief vacation.

· In June 2003, I joined the Mumbai Office of Executive Ship Management as a Faculty member of their Chemical Tanker Training Institute, where I am presently working.

· As a part of my efforts for continual improvement of knowledge & skills, I had recently joined a 33,000 DWT chemical tanker and sailed for 10 months as Master.


Chemical Tanker Experience:

· I have worked extensively on chemical tankers and have the following years of rank experience on chemical tankers:

1) Master: 24 months of sea time.

2) Ch/Off: 24 months of sea time.

3) 2nd/3rd Off: 12 months of sea time

· Have experience in cargo operations and tank cleaning for the following chemicals:

Acetone Cyanohydrin, Acrylonitrile, Sulphuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Caustic Soda, Ethyl Acetate, Fatty Alcohol, N. Paraffins, Styrene Monomer, Linear Alkyl Benzene, Methanol, Ethanol,

Crude Palm Olein, Acetic Acid, coconut oil, lub oil, Caustic Soda, Neodol, Acetic Acid, MEK, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, TXIB, Marcol, Primol, DIDP, Cyclohexane, Sodium Dichromate, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Shell Sol, Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Soln, Xylene (para & ortho), Tallow, Vinous Alcohol, Crude & Refined Corn oil/ Soyabean oil, Molasses, MEG, DEG, Yellow Grease, Tallow, Cumene, EDC, n-parrafins, n-olefins, Crude & Refined Palm oils

· I have worked with FRAMO pumps, Steam driven reciprocating pumps, screw pumps & steam turbine centrifugal pumps.

· I have worked with conventional steam heating, deck heaters, tepid water heating, thermal heating and steam-to-steam generators.

· I have prepared vessels for CDI inspections and have a very good knowledge on their requirements.

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