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Operations Manager


Over the years I have had increased knowledge of the industry and its vast changes. I have adapted these changes and have utilized these changes to increase productivity for my company. I would like to continue to use these changes to increase productivity thru safe working practices. As well as, using developed programs to track workers performance and build upon their strengths increasing profitability.



EXPERIENCE Dates Attended: February 2010 – January 2012 Company Name: Eller-ITO

Position/Title: Stevedore


Responsibilities: I was a stevedore working with loading & discharging

RO-Ro vessels that belong to Seaboard Marine.

Dates Attended: March 1978 – August 2009 ( Retired)

Company Name: Maersk Inc.

Position/Title: Manager



I was client service manager and was the liaison between Maersk Inc. and other steamship companies. I always worked hard to meet all of Maersk and their customer requirements. In 2001 I became the Gate Manager for APM Terminals a division of Maersk. I was responsible for managing and controlling all movement of containers in/out of our interchange facility, with the objective of maximizing a safe work environment and meeting customer and terminal operational requirements. I have managed over 350,000 longshoremen during my 36 years of service. I served as US Customs, INS and US Coast Guard liaison, assisting each agency in fulfilling their requirements effectively while maintaining a high level of operations productivity. I have a great relationship with all departments, steamship lines, customers and the local unions. My communication skills and ability to manage are excellent. I work real well under pressure and I always try to make good business decisions. I helped make safety our number one priority. I support Maersk commitment to ISO 9000 Certification and Drive to Zero. During my 37 years working for Maersk and its affiliates; I have obtain both stateside and international experience in the transportation and maritime industry by holding positions such as Terminal Manager for the following terminals in Philadelphia, Jacksonville U.S.A.; Freeport, Bahamas, Port La Guaira, Venezuela, Jamaica/West Indies and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Some of these projects/terminals were new ventures for Maersk. I successfully had a good relationship with the following Unions:





North Lauderdale, FL,
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