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Shoreside Operations

                                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES





                                             Company: CNAN NORD.


  • In charge of chartering, operational and commercial ship’s management in liner and tramping trade( general cargo ships)
  • Ensure compliance with local and international maritime regulations in force and standards (SOLAS, MARPOL Convention, ISM Code, ISPS code, IMDG code...).Member of the company emergency team.
  • Keeping coordination with internal and external  stakeholders; company departments (legal ,sales, finances and accounting, logistics, technical),shipping agent, the ship master, port authority, port handling company, shipbroker, marine surveyor, super cargo.
  • In charge of vessel operations:  optimization of transport capacities regarding booking note, packing lists and  vessel stowage plan in coordination with shipping agent at loading ports and the ship master in accordance with instructions given.
  •   Establishing, by voyage calculation vessel turnaround trip for the best performance and efficiency; ensure the monitoring of the rotation to reduce the operating charges and expenses.
  • Bunker management: monitoring bunker consumption, ordering ship’s bunkering.
  • Making operational and commercial feasibility studies for shipment of break bulk cargo like heavy lift cargo for the sea freight setting.
  • Control all voyage documents and ship’s file (manifest, bill of lading, notice of readiness, statement of fact, time sheet, survey report, ship’s certificates...)
  •  Disbursement account; Control and approval of commercial charges related to ship’s operations.
  •  In charge to establish surveying contracts for marine surveyors to perform and report survey during cargo operations
  • In charge of monthly reporting and analysis of all operating activities.
  • Participate and negotiate of sea transport contract, shipping agency contract, handling terminal operator contract.
  • In charge of chartering operations, clauses negotiations with shipbroker and ship owner, approving the charter party for the company.
  • In charge of the approval of all chartering invoices, issuing and approving the hire final statement in accordance of the provisions of charter party.
  • Personnel management consists of line managers, deputies line managers and operational port supervisors.
  • Participating in elaboration of the company global budget and management of operating budget. 



                                              Company: DUBAÏPORT WORLD ALGIERS.                                                                      

  • Planning container ships calling Algiers terminal using ZODIAC as the terminal operating System.
  • Applying general policy and company procedures to ensure compliance with safety rules and good practice within the terminal.
  • Responsible for planning and data processing upon receiving from shipping company the bay plan in EDI format which is generated and translated by the operating system allowing the follow-up of the operation by all involved departments ( operational, planning, sales and technical). 
  •  Responsible for monitoring the operations, performance of the cranes and yard equipments.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with operational team in smooth conduction of the operations to meet terminal objective and performance.
  •  Keeping  close contact  with shipping companies, customers and  freight forwarders, participating mainly  in daily and scheduled  meeting with shipping companies   (CMA,MEARSK,MSC,ARKAS,…) for planning  of the operations (unloading/loading containers upon vessel docking , managing yard  allocation area for stacking operations ,gate  delivery and receiving operations ),  gangs assignment  and handling  equipments  allocation ( mobile harbor crane, reach stacker, ECH ) . 

Participate in operational development and improvement of the terminal operating system (ZODIAC).


01/2012: HSE Trainer.

                  Private institute.



                     SHIPOWNER: HYPROC SHIPPING COMPANY subsidiary of SONATRACH Company



  •  Responsible to apply company policy mainly theprovisions of thequality management System (QMS)
    relating to ISO 9001 and  ISO14001, ISM CODE ,ISPS CODE, SOLAS, MARPOL AND STCW CONVENTIONS, TMSA (Tanker management and self assessment guide provided by theoil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) about risk assessment program).
    • In charge of cargo operations as loading and unloading liquefied natural gas (LNG), water ballasting tank, keeping all cargo equipments in good order and condition.
    •  Approval of commercial documents issued at loading terminal in coordination with shipper and super cargo (bill of lading, quality certificate issued by SGS, origin certificate, quantity certificate )and reporting to owner, charterer  and, shippers.
    •  Responsible in managing  safety on board ;all firefighting and  fire detection equipments, life saving
      appliances, pollution equipments, gas detection equipments, establish all work permits as hot work, entry enclosed spaces, working at height and all dangerous particulars works.
  • Responsible to carry out and schedule safety meeting. Establish all safety reports.
  • Experience in conduct of internal and external audit ( port state control and oil company Vetting)
  • Responsible for training and drilling all crew members about safety and safe practice on board.
    • Responsible ofship'sstability.
    • Responsible in scheduling regular maintenance of all deck equipments, LNG cargo plants and keeping theship in good condition and seaworthiness.
    • Skills and experience in dry docking ships (LNG ships).
    • Crewmanagement about 25-35 persons


1989-2003:position: SECOND MATE ON BOARD OIL TANKER, LPG TANKER, LNG TANKER AND BITUMEN                                                                                        SHIP.

                            SHIPOWNER: HYPROC SHIPPING COMPANY   Subsidiary of SONATRACH Company.



Operational level responsibilities:

  • During navigational watch at sea, responsible for safety conduct of the ship, ship's handling and maneuvering in deep sea and outward area.
  • Navigation officer responsible for maintaining charts and keeping up to date all nautical documents, using and monitoring all  navigation equipments on the bridge.
  •  Holding general operator certificate using all GMDSS equipments, responsible of  radio equipments and in charge of  bridge communications (ship to ship, ship to shore)
  • Second officer in charge of safety; using and maintenance of all firefighting, detection equipments, life saving appliances and pollution equipments.
  • In charge of on board infirmary (medicines and first aid)
    • Responsible to establish administrative documents as crew list, general cargo declaration.
      • In port, support to chief mate in commercial operation as for cargo handling operation (loading or unloading), ship’s stabilityand water ballasting.


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