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Operation Manager


Responsible for the day to day operation. Supervises all aspects of operations, personnel, customer satisfaction and development, and responsible for revenue and profitability.



First Purser Rank/Hotel Department on board the Carnival Cruise Ships fleet.

•Responsible for the management of port operation procedures and documents for many local port authorities around the world. Immigration, Customs, Sanitation & Agriculture (USDA), Coast Guard, Local Police and Vessel Sanitation Officers (USPH).

•Responsible for coordinating with ship agents around the world in regards to clearance of the ships with local authorities and stevedores to arrange delivery of supplies and equipment/parts as well as the landing of waste.

•Coordinate with the medical department and local authorities the emergency disembark of guests while at sea by helicopter or rescue boat.

•Responsible for the handling of the budget and training of new personnel within the Hotel Operation Purser Department.

•Responsible for 10 – 15 persons within the department including the budget

•Part of the select crew selected to sail the ship from European shipyards to the USA.

•Coordinated the embarking and disembarking of 7.000 guests.

•Responsible for 10 – 15 persons within the department including the budget

AVENSA/SERVIVENSA AIRLINES Representative – Aerolíneas Venezolanas (1995 – 2000)

25 daily Domestic and International flights.

Sales Manager – Estado Zulia ( 1998 - 2000)

Responsible for the promotions, public relations and assistance to travel agencies, which included:

•Publicity campaigns (Television, News and Radio) and sponsorship of events in the Zulia state.

•Designing of sales strategies in accordance to the market and competition.

Station Manager (1995 – 1998)

Responsible for the domestic and international operation, which included:

•Coordinate liaisons with the airport authorities, Immigration, Customs and National Guard.

•Coordinate the supply of fuel and catering to the airplanes.

•Coordinate airline crew services.

•Check-in of tickets and luggage.

LUFTHANSA AIRLINES – General Sales Agent 1991 – 1995 (Venezuela)

Regional Manager, in charge of the Western States in Venezuela.

•Responsible for sales, reservations and customer service office in the city of Maracaibo.

•Assessor and public relations for the travel agencies in the region.

•Promoted the Airline with the different types of media in the region (Radio, Television and Newspaper)

•Responsible for the pricing, handling and exporting of any type of cargo around the world.


Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin - Venezuela

1992- Sixth semester of Business Administration.

Miami Dade Community College - Miami, Florida / EEUU.

1988-1990 Advance Grammar and Speech English Courses, third semester in Business Administration.

High School

Colegio Nuestra Señora De Fátima, Maracaibo, Venezuela

1977-1988 Bachiller en Ciencias/High School Diploma.


Carnival College of Management.CCL. Year 2006.

Security course in counterfeit passports by the US Customs in Miami. Year 1997

Crisis Management and Human Behavior Course. CCL Year 2002

Train The Trainer Course. CCL Year 2005

Crowd Management Course. CCL. Year 2002

Survival craft Course. (IMO) CCL. Year 2002

Sales and Amadeus system course in the Lufthansa Training Center in Germany.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel and Power Point.





Papiamento (Dialect of the Islands of Curacao, Aruba y Bonaire)

Knowledgeable in Italian.


•15 years of experience in operation management.

•Excellent ability to communicate in different languages.

•Reliable in accomplish goals and projects based on time and budget.

•Work in a dynamic and fast paced environment under different levels of pressure.

Miami, FL,
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