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Operation Geophysicist/ Snr Field Geophysicist


A senior QC Geophysicist with more than 12 years experience in seismic acquisition and in-field processing within Nigeria and International. Has working knowledge of land seismic, shallow marine exploration and general seismic crew management from start up to demobilization.

Objective is to develop a career that provides a challenge to my abilities and offers an opportunity to further knowledge.

Looking for a position that will make use of both geophysical skills as well as managerial experience


Employer : Bint & Prathel Limited (Geophysical Consulting)

Position : Seismic QC Geophysicist

Period : Jan 2007 – till date

Location : OPL 276 3D Onshore – Nigeria

Client : Centrica Resources Nigeria Limited

Seismic Contractor : SINOPEC Crew 331

Terrain / Description : Land, Swamp, Explosive


* Responsible for project startup, implementation, product quality monitoring of 3D Seismic survey and for ensuring project team productivity is according to project plan.

* Pre-planning and post acquisition quality control of 3D data using Omni/Mesa -Seismic design/planning softwares and other G & G software’s for sub-surface coverage modeling to meet interpretation objectives.

* Monitor and verify any Geophysical Contractor’s chargeable lost time as per contract specification

Previous Employers

(1) Employer : Veritas DGC, EAME – Land,

Sultanate of Oman

Position : QC Seismologist

Period : July 2006 –15th Nov. 2006

Location : VTS Crew - 52, Al-Fhaud,

Description : 3D Vibroseis


* Quality control of pre and post acquisition of 3D Seismic data using in-house Veritas TANGO processing package –Ver 3043.

* Preparation of progress report and other support document/deliverables to Veritas project management and Client.

* Generate documentation for project operations, data acquisition workflows and processes

* QC and in-field processing of acquired seismic data using veritas in house program

* Perform basic checks on navigation and SEGY data to ensure it meets criteria for transfer to the master data store

Employer : Veritas DGC EAME – Land,

Position : QC Seismologist

Period : April 06 – June 06

Location : Party 39, 3D Seismic, Cameroon

Terrain / Description : TZ / Shallow Marine / Airgun


* Pre-planning and post acquisition quality control of 3D Seismic survey using Omni-software and data management support.

* Preparation of progress report and other support document/deliverables to Veritas project management and Client.

* Provide seismic data management support.





3D seismic pre - planning and fold modelling using Omni/ Mesa softwares, SPS – Shell-processing support for survey data/coordinates and post acquisition quality control of seismic records.

In-field processing experience and 3D seismic crew management from mobilization to demobilization.


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